iTunes turns 13 (and still needs work)

iTunes is celebrating its 13th birthday. You'd think in 13 years Apple would have improved iTunes more than they have, but of course they haven't. Quartz has a history lesson on iTunes and why it's still awful.

Enter the iTunes Music Store, unveiled with a proud flourish by a beaming Steve Jobs. It was a digital jukebox, a music distribution game-changer, a record store to end all record stores—and it did, in fact, kill off a great number of those. The addition of the online store to the iTunes media player (which debuted in 2001) completely altered the way people bought, sold, and made music around the globe.

Apple's iOS 9.3.2 Has Nasty Surprises

Let's start the rant.

Apple. What the HECK are you DOING? There was a time when you bragged that because you controlled the entire ecosystem (hardware & software) that you were superior. Well, once again an update from Apple for their own hardware is bricking - that's right - their own hardware. I understand when a company like Google releases a big update and people sideload it - it could bring non-Nexus devices. No way should a company like Apple fail to test their own software on their OWN FRICKING HARDWARE!?

You want a real main reason why the "end of the Apple era is upon us"? Quality. You used to have it. People would pay extra if they got extra value, quality, service or performance. Since the death of the G4, things have been slowly slipping and now - Oh.My.Gosh. Well done ya hoser!

On a positive note, at least this issue only affects really old iPads - oh wait, that's right. It affects only the brand-new iPad Pro. No big deal...

When affected devices install iOS 9.3.2 and restart users are presented with an ‘Error 56’ code which tells them to connect to iTunes. The problem is connecting to iTunes does nothing, the device is locked and forced reboots only return it the same state. As for the error code itself, according to Apple’s code guide, Error 56 is loosely described as a “hardware issue”, which doesn’t sound like a credible explanation.

Source: Forbes

Nokia to enter Android market

Nokia is back, but this time they're joining the Android side. Nokia sold their phone side of the business to Microsoft a while back (which became the Lumia phone lineup from Microsoft) and now they're giving it another go, but this time using Android. Nothing is scheduled but they are making the announcement that Nokia is back in the phone business. You can read the full press release here.

We are proud to announce that the Nokia brand will be returning to the worldwide mobile phone and tablet market.

Every day our fans continue to ask for Nokia smartphones. In fact, in a recent survey, we found that Nokia smartphones are amongst the top five considered brands for purchase by smartphone buyers – and they aren’t even available yet.

So, under a new agreement, Nokia Technologies has granted HMD, a new company led by some of the world’s top mobile specialists, an exclusive global license to create a full range of Nokia-branded smartphones, tablets, and feature phones for the next decade.

Star Trek Beyond Trailer

While not exactly tech related, it's movie-geek related and that's almost the same thing. The lastest trailer for the upcoming Star Trek movie is out and if you're a fan of the J.J.Abrams reboot, it may get you a little excited.


Motorola is Bringing Back the Razr

As cool as the Motorola Razr was back in the day - and even though we have tons of fond memories of the device, I'm not sure if it will fly as a small screen flip phone here in 2016. I'm not sure if that's what they are teasing here, but it seems that we can expect something from Motorola here in June.


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