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In the gaming industry it seems that people are always trying to brag their graphics up, but as it turns out even a game developer is saying that the PS4 is at the top of the consoles for graphics. The studio, Ready At Dawn, has said that,  "We couldn’t have achieved this graphical fidelity with any other console," and this is in reference to their new coming title, The Order 1886. This statement was made by J. Goldberg, community manager for Ready At Dawn. Sony will hopefully be happy with this praise, as it is not easy to get.

The studio used full performance capture for all characters in the game, as well as the same character model for gameplay sequences and cutscenes, making the transition from one to the other almost seamless. "We're moving the camera in space, we're not loading in a video."

Source: Gamespot

Halo: Nightfall First Look

I know that Halo is a religion to some people and I have to admit, I'm a fan of the culture. I'm not to ashamed to admit that I may have lined up for the midnight launch for the last two games in this series. The game is now jumping the gap to the small screen with Halo: Nightfall and as cool as the game is, I had my doubts about a TV series. Take a look and see for yourself.


China Makes Less Terrifying Driverless Car

China's Baidu is working on making a driverless car that isn't quite as terrifying as the Google car. With the Google car, there is no steering wheel at all and if something goes terribly wrong you only have a "panic" button to save you. The car is more autonomous rather than fully driverless. The different in practical application - if things are going well - is minimal, but a driver could take full control at any time. This would make me feel much safer for sure.

"I think in the future, a car should not totally replace the driver but should really give the driver freedom," Yu said. "Freedom means the car is intelligent enough to operate by itself, like a horse, and make decisions under different road situations. Whenever the driver wants to resume control, you can do that."

Source: BusinessInsider

Sharp @ CES 2013

This year at CES the big product in the TV market is 4K TV's. Sharp brought their new 4K tvs to the show but they decided to take things one step further and were showing off their 8K TV (7680x4320 resolution, or 16x the resolution of a 1080p screen). Right now 4K content is tough to find so you can imagine how tough it would be to get 8K content but like with any technology its fun to see the future. Not many specs are really known about Sharp's 8K TV but the 85" demo TV they had on the show floor was pretty amazing.

Sharp 8K TV

Another interesting product Sharp was showig off was their Web + TV split-screen unit. As TV's have become larger and larger the ability to use half the screen for web and half the screen for TV makes you able to multi-task all from the comfort of your couch.

Sharp Web + TV Split-Screen TV

Able Planet @ CES 2014

At the very first CES BCCHardware attended (8 years ago) we got to meet with a brand new audio company called Able Planet. We knew from that very first meeting that Able Planet wasn't just another headphone company thanks to their much different approach to audio and every year at CES we look forward to stopping by and seeing what they've been up to.

At CES 2014 we saw a countless number of headphone makers showing off countless number of designs and colors but Able Planet isn't worried about colors and designs, they are all about the audio quality. We've had the chance to review numerous Able Planet headphones over the years and we've always walked away impressed with the sound quality.


Last year at CES 2013 Able Planet was showing off their newest product that promised to bring 4D sound to their headphones. Last year we got to see the prototypes but at this years CES the product is completed and we got a proper demo of the final product which Able Planet has called Linx Fusion. In addition to the audio signal, Linx Fusion adds a slight vibration to the sounds which allows the user to listen to audio at a lower decibel level yet the brain still processes the audio as if it was much louder. Adding a vibration might sound like a cheap gimmick, but the reality is that when done properly it can add an entirely new dimension to the audio and also can help prevent hearing loss over time as the audio does not need to be as loud as with other products. Hopefully I've done a good enough job trying to explain this product, unfortunately it might just be one of those things that you need to hear to really believe and if you're like me you will be very impressed.

Able Planet Linx Fusion Headphones

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