iTunes turns 13 (and still needs work)

iTunes is celebrating its 13th birthday. You'd think in 13 years Apple would have improved iTunes more than they have, but of course they haven't. Quartz has a history lesson on iTunes and why it's still awful.

Enter the iTunes Music Store, unveiled with a proud flourish by a beaming Steve Jobs. It was a digital jukebox, a music distribution game-changer, a record store to end all record stores—and it did, in fact, kill off a great number of those. The addition of the online store to the iTunes media player (which debuted in 2001) completely altered the way people bought, sold, and made music around the globe.

Xbox One S Coming August 2

If you just can't wait to get your hands on the mildly upgraded Xbox One S, you only have to wait about another couple of weeks. This new console will launch on August 2 - and that's coming quicker than you think. More details below.

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Android App Pick #204 - myTuner FM Radio

We have just posted up another Android App Pick of the Week and this week we kick back, relax and put on some music. While the app streams music, it's not a regular service like Spotify. This app is a little more old-school and much more regional. myTuner RM Radio is our pick and it's a fantastic app that serves up your favorite FM station from around the world.

App Pick 204



Seagate Unveils 10TB HDD for Consumers

Seagate has make some pretty big drives for the enterprise, but now they are turning to consumers who have rather large Steam libraries - or very impressive video collections. Their latest beast is 10TB and it is more effective at moving massive amounts of data that speedier solid state drives. While mechanical drives have been rumored to be a dying breed, the fact that they are getting larger capacities and much better price points ensures that they will be around for the foreseeable future.

Innovative capabilities in these new 10TB drives include an intelligent multi-tier caching architecture for higher performance; AgileArray technology designed to optimise drive performance using error recovery control, dual-plane balancing and power management; and ImagePerfect, which provides the ability to support more high resolution cameras for surveillance than other drives, according to Seagate.

Source: TheInquirer

Microsoft Moves to the Cloud

Microsoft has come a long way and they've had some great successes and some horrible blunders. Often, it appears that just when they are ready to break through a market, they cancel the product and leave people hanging. They did this with Zune and I'm pretty sure that their mobile platform is all but dead. Their cloud service - Azure - is alive and very well however. In fact their cloud service grew by 7% and netted them $6.7 Billion in revenue. Clearly, they are doing something right.

The earnings report is particularly interesting for Microsoft, as it's the first since its $26 billion LinkedIn purchase. That was Microsoft's largest deal ever, and despite making plenty of synergistic sense, many considered it a curious move for a company that's trying to double-down on its productive relevance.

Source: Engadget

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