ChromeOS Major Makeover

If you've got a Chromebook or Chromebox, your next update could be pretty awesome. ChromeOS is getting the material design treatment and the result is fantastic. It is a nice fresh taste that was long overdue. ChromeOS, while very funcitonal, looked like something out of the Windows XP era. This brings it into the Windows 10 era and it looks great. It seems to run really well and look even better on my 1080p Tegra K1 Acer Chromebook. 

Once you're moved over to the beta, you can submit feedback by hitting Alt + Shift + i. And, if you happen to experience bugs with the beta, you can revert back to the stable version pretty easily - but the caveat is that it will delete all local data, so you'd want to make sure that all of what you need is backed up, or stored in the cloud.

Source: HotHardware

Bendgate 2.0?

Last year when the iPhone 6 Plus came out Bendgate errupted as people were complaining that their phone was 'bendy' and with enough force the phone could actually bend and crack the screen. Well apparently Apple isn't the only company that produces phones with 'bend' potential as SquareTrade has built a machine to actually test how much pressure it takes before a phone bends and breaks. When you really think about it though, as phones become lighter, have larger screens, and thinner, bending is probably going to happen if you apply enough pressure (in the new Samsung S6 Edges case its 149 pounds of pressure). 






Is this a story or not? You be the judge. As for me, I'm sticking with my flip phone, no bending there...

FFXIII Goes to the Cloud

Mobile gaming has grown increasingly popular over the last few years. While Nintendo has missed out on a lot of the mobile gaming goodness, Square Enix doesn't want to miss the boat as well. They are launching a Cloud-Powered Final Fantasy XIII in Japan for iOS and Android devices. This will bring more people to spend money on the Square Enix title and also bring better games to Android as the graphics will be rendered server-side and pumped to mobile handsets. While this hasn't worked for competitve shooters on the PC, it could work awesome for mobile games.

The game is delivered as a free, tiny (~20 MB) app, and the entire game is streamed from G-Cluster servers to your device as a video. To accommodate the game’s controls (which were originally built for PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 controllers), the screen is surrounded by large touch targets that match up with most buttons that would normally be available.

Source: TechCrunch

SpaceX Rocket Launch Win - Landing Fail

SpaceX has just launched another rocket and while the launch was successful, the landing was not. Mind you, they tried to land the rocket on a barge. They did hit the barge but with some lateral movement just before touch-down, the rocket ended up tipping over. They are not too worried about it though as there was a slight mechanical malfunction that caused this and it can be easily resolved.

Elon Musk reveals that the rocket landed on the ship, but "excess lateral velocity" caused it to tip over. That's a bad thing for a rocket booster measuring 224 feet high and capable of weighing as much as 1,115,200 lbs. "Normal video" of the crash-landing should be available when the barge gets back to port in a few days.

Falcon 9


Source: Engadget via Twitter

Woz and Stan Lee Host Silicon Valley Comic Con 2016

Stan Lee and Steve Wozniak are planning a Silicon Valley Comic Con for 2016. Just think. Nerds and Geeks all in the same place! So much win!

Let's just hope that Woz doesn't do a lot of acting...


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