Pepcom Highlights from CES 2014

We stopped by Pepcom this year and saw a few nifty things from Piston, drooled over the Lenovo 4K display and checked out a "fair" way to cheat at gaming. The Red Dot is not a cheat - it's just a fancy way to hipfire accurately - and it's awesome. Check it out!


Check out more pictures in the gallery here - as well as more of our CES 2014 coverage here.


Canada Catches a Break

As far as media goes, Canadians seem to get shafted with the worst or just get everything later than everybody else, but that is about to change! Netflix Canada and Disney have drawn up an arrangement beginning with 2015 theatrically released films so that Netflix Canada members can watch most productions by Disney roughly eight months after their release!

Beginning with 2015 theatrically released feature films, Netflix Canada members can enjoy new titles from Disney Live Action, Walt Disney Animation Studios, Pixar Animation Studios, Marvel Studios, Lucasfilm, Disneynature and DreamWorks Studios. Approximately eight months after titles leave theaters - quicker than has traditionally been the case on premium pay TV - Canadian Netflix subscribers will be able to watch new releases from The Walt Disney Studios in the home and on the go.

Source: NewsWire

Windows 8.1 Update 2 Coming Soon?

Over the past few weeks, there have been rumors about Windows 8.1 Update 2 and it looks like it might not be that far off. According to sources, the update could roll out on August 12 as part of patch Tuesday. I'm REALLY hoping that the update start menu that we've seen floating around on Windows 8.1 Pro will actually make the update. Please?

The image you see above comes from a Russian source and is said to be authentic, although, we cannot confirm that image is genuine Microsoft documentation. But, based on everything we had heard prior to this document surfacing, it aligns perfectly to that information.

Source: Neowin via PCPortal

Android App Pick - Scrabble

We have just posted up another Android App Pick of the Week and this week we are riding nerdy with Scrabble. We get all intelligent and play a game that will make you think and maybe have you second guessing your buddies words. If you enjoyed the original on an analog board, you'll love the digital version that you can take anywhere. Take a look and you'll see it's worthy of being picked this week.



Wacom Gives you Paperless Paper

As a photoshopper at BCCHarware, I’m familiar with the Wacom tablets. I use mine mostly for Photoshopping as it's easier to control tools such as brushes, pencils, erasers, lasso and more when working on a project. Wacom is trying to be everyone's best friend as they have recently released the Wacom App for a few devices. Now you can doodle and write notes easily as you normally do on paper. With a Bamboo Tablet Stylus note taking will never be boring.

Wacom’s entry into note-taking software started last year, but the new project uses its new Wacom Ink Layer Language to allow users to share and edit their work across platforms and devices. It also introduces a key new handwritten note taking app to devices like the Surface Pro 3, which so far works with OneNote for cloud-based handwritten notes, but not much else besides.

Source: TechCrunch

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