Sennheiser unveils $55,000 Orpheus headphones

If you've got more money than you know what to do with then you're going to want to check out the new Orpheus headphones from Sennheiser which carry a MSRP of $55,000. A couple years ago Sennheiser started a mission to create "the best headphones ever" and the Orpheus headphones are the result. The science behind these headphones is all there but I'm assuming the price tag will obviously hinder sales. ArsTechnica takes a look at the annoucement from Sennheiser.

How much would you pay for a good pair of headphones? $50? $200? How about $55,000? Sennheiser, purveyor of all things high-end audio, has released an update to its legendary Orpheus headphones, which combine an electrostatic set of cans with a valve pre-amp clad in solid marble. The company claims this results in an 8Hz to 100KHz frequency response—far beyond what human ears are capable of hearing. As such, the price for these new cans is pegged at $55,000 (probably £40,000 or more in the UK).

Halo hits $400 Million

The numbers are in, Halo 5 has hit the $400 million dollar mark in its first week. In comparison to previous Halo titles, Halo 5 has beaten all of their first week sales records and has pushed the Halo franchise over the $5 billion dollar mark. Not much else to say other than this is pretty impressive. Gamespot has the full story.

Microsoft has announced that Halo 5: Guardians generated more than $400 million in global sales during its first week, meaning the Xbox One game is now the "biggest Halo launch" of all time. The figure includes sales of games and hardware, and drives Halo franchise lifetime revenue to over $5 billion.

SteamOS Gaming Sucks

For those of you that thought the SteamBox would take over gaming, sadly, you're wrong - so very much so. Now that SteamBoxes have actually shipped, there have been some performance tests with box that range from entry-level to "should-have-just-bought-an-alienware-PC" machines. SteamOS falls short - despite being the main project of a huge team of developers over at Valve. PC gaming isn't dead by all means, but Steam Machine gaming may have already died - at launch week.

While these are two AAA games ported to Linux by respected publishers, it's possible the developers simply weren't able to extract the best performance from the less familiar OpenGL and Linux environment. We figured that Valve's own games wouldn't have this problem; if anyone could get the maximum performance out of its Linux ports, it should be the company behind SteamOS itself.

Source: ArsTechnica

Google Glass Without the Glass

The Google Glass Team has quit their initial Glass project and moved onto other projects - one of those was rumored to be Google Glass 2.0. It appears, however, that they are working on multiple project and one of these doesn't include a display - at least a traditional "Glass" display. Google knows the future is really about wearing technology, but there are many ways to make it happen. It will be interesting to see what CES 2016 brings.

Sources for The Information understand that there are three next-generation headsets in development, and that one of them doesn't have a screen at all -- it's an audio-focused model meant for the "sport" crowd. That sounds like an amped-up Bluetooth headset to us, but we'll reserve judgment until there's something to see... or rather, hear.

Source: Engadget

TigerDirect sold to PCM

TigerDirect has been sold, PCM (formerly know as PC Mall) has purchased them for $14 million in cash. TigerDirect has fallen upon hard times after some scandals and have been closing stores and trying to focus on online primarily so seeing a sale can't be too surprising to anyone. PCM will be closing the couple remaining retail locations of TigerDirect, which brings the end to TigerDirect stores that have been open since 1987. Twice.com has the details over here.

PCM, formerly PC Mall, has agreed to purchase Systemax’s TigerDirect brand and some of the B-to-B assets of its North American tech division for $14 million in cash.

The deal is expected to close on Dec. 1.

The sale will effectively end Systemax’s spotty retail legacy, which included a multimillion-dollar kickback scam by TigerDirect’s founding Fiorentino brothers, who are now serving federal sentences.

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