The 10 Most Important Announcements from WWDC 2015

Apple has a bunch of little announcements this year at their WWDC and probably the 10 most important announcements are linked below. Of course they include iOS9, OSX El Capitan, Siri gets to really know you and more. There is nothing really all that groundbreaking at all, but instead it feels like they are adding a new decimal to their version numbers (eg. iOS9 should be iOS 8.2)

Flashy as the whole thing was, though, it followed two hours of low-key but fairly solid tweaks to Apple's software products, from new versions of OS X and iOS to updates of its car, home, and watch software. This fall, Apple product users of all stripes can look forward to a lot of refreshed apps and, if the company delivers on its promise, all sorts of Siri integration. They might not make headlines quite as well, but little changes like Maps public transit support can make a big difference in the long run, too.

Source: TheVerge

Martian Watches @ CES 2016

Martian was one of the companies that started the smart-watch thing - and they've done it with style from the get-go. Their watches have always focused on one thing first - the watch. They are great analog timepieces that also have a few smart features thrown in for good measure. They have a pretty wide distribution in the USA and have limited retail locations in Canada. It's too bad, because their current generation of "Active" watches - including the Envoy, Alpha and Electra have been doing very well.

As CES, Martian announced some new watches that are geared more toward female users. These do not have a notification display, but instead use different vibration pulses and a mutli-colored LED to indicate what app is sending a notification. It could be a text message, incoming call, Facebook post or pretty much anything that sends notifcations. You have the ability to specify a ton of options and notification settings via their handy app. 

CES Releases

The battery life on their devices is about two years for the actual watch, while the new watches should last about a week on a charge for the smart features. The new watches charge via pogo pins, while the current "Active" series charge by way of a microUSB port that gets covered up for water resistance.

There are a lot of very attractive products coming later this spring from Martian - and the best thing of all - they are watches, that just happen to be smart. Sometimes there is more beauty in less features than a watch that drains the battery by 2:00pm.

Please check out more images from our CES coverage here and be sure to check out all the current lineup of products from Martian here.

Sony Aggressively Gets Back into Mobile Gaming

I'm not exactly sure how aggressive Sony plans to be - or how they will attempt to do it, but they want back into mobile gaming. The biggest push right now comes on the heels of Pokemon Go, but when you're planning on entering that market now - you're going to be late to the party at best, and at worst, have some pretty crappy offerings that have been rushed too much. Still, you can't blame them for trying - but I think we need less players and better quality content.

Of course, this isn’t the first time Sony has tried to be a major player in the mobile gaming market. For years the company tried to make a splash in this field, first with its “PlayStation phone”, and later with the PlayStation titles exclusively made for its Xperia devices. Unfortunately, none of those efforts caught on, and the company was forced by the market to back down.

Source: Neowin

Lenovo Confirms Chrome OS Comes to Yoga Book

Lenovo has just confirmed that they are releasing a Chrome version of their new Yoga Book. This is a very slick machine that would be amazing if it were running Windows 10. While Chrome OS is solid, it doesn't have the platform support of Windows. Still, if you haven't seen what Lenovo has cooking with the Yoga Book, you really need to take a look at this beauty.

The Yoga Book is being positioned as a tablet-killer thanks to its thin dimensions and 'Halo' touchscreen keyboard, which uses haptic feedback to indicate key presses. Chrome OS would be a good fit for the device, allowing people to switch between full-screen Android apps operated using the touchscreen and the more productivity-focused desktop.

Source: TechRadar

Tweets Get Longer

If you are feeling cramped by the 140-character limit of Twitter and wish that URLs and photos didn't eat away your character count, you'll be happy to know that on September 19, Twitter is celebrating that random day by changing the way they do things. This will be an incredible step forward and now you'll be able to be more wordy when you post media and links. Really it's not a bad thing, but I don't think this will breathe life back into twitter.

Of course, this isn't the first time that we've heard these sorts of rumors. Last September, news broke that the 140-character limit would soon be nixed in a new product offering (it wasn't). And in May of this year, Twitter itself announced that it would soon ease the character-limit rules, though it did not set a specific date for implementing the change. We reached out to Twitter for confirmation but the company declined to comment so we'll just have to wait until Monday to find out if the rumors are true.

Source: Engadget

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