Tt eSPORTS and Thermaltake at CES 2014


Kitty Mach from Thermaltake shows off their new eSPORTS products as well as some of the previous generation models to show how far they've come and where they are going. If you're a gamer, make sure you check out our CES 2014 coverage from Thermaltake as they have a lot of good products coming down the pipe.



In the clip below, Shannon talks to us from the Thermaltake suite about their newest cases as well as the digital power supply app and how well they've implemented this feature in their software.


Check out more pictures in the gallery here - as well as more of our CES 2014 coverage here.


Internet Explorer still #1

The downfall of Microsoft's Internet Explorer web browser has been predicted by many for years and years, however, according to the stats, Internet Explorer is still #1 with ~58% of the market share. In IE's defense, the browser has improved significantly since the last time you used to download a better browser, but the fact that it comes pre-installed on so many devices has made it pretty tough for anyone to catch them. The Escapist has the numbers over here.

But guess what? The web browser you last used intentionally in 2004 is still the cat's pajamas in much of the world, as Net MarketShare's latest report shows. Internet Explorer still has an insane 58.38 percent market share (number is from June 2014), undoubtedly fueled by older versions of IE still installed on Dell and Compaq computer the world 'round. In fact, its market share is actually up from the previous month (58.17 percent in May).

Xbox One Promotion for $75 Off

It seems that Microsoft is getting desparate to catch up to the PS4 sales and is now offering a promotional price (through coupon in your Xbox Live) for $75 off the purchase of a new Xbox One. As far as I can tell, this qualifies for ANY Xbox One or Xbox One bundle and would make the price of the Kinect-less Xbox as little as $325. For that price, I think they'd convince a lot of people to bite. Check you Xbox Live messages and see if you coupon awaits!

Xbox One

Source: Neogaf

NVIDIA Shield as Desktop Replacement

The NVIDIA Shield was the first product to retail with NVIDIA's Tegra 4 processor and it was a large step up over the Tegra 3 processor. The Tegra 3 processor powered the original Nexus 7 as well as the original Microsoft Surface Tablet - and the later worked as a full-on PC with Windows RT. In theory, the Shield is powerful enough to replace a desktop, but when running Android and with limited connectivity options, my guess is that it will suffer. Still, someone had to try. Check it out below.

With so many productivity applications now available for mobile devices, there are virtually no reasons you cannot complete most of the tasks you normally would from your desktop PC. Microsoft Office, Google Docs, Dropbox, a multitude of web browsers, multimedia applications and many more. This is helped further by the powerful internal components of the Sheild, most importantly being the Tegra 4 quad-core processors and 2GB of ram.

Source: eTeknix

A Month with "Devil's Canyon"

Intel has had their "Devil's Canyon" Haswell refresh processors in the hands of reviewers and consumers for about a month now and there are some great reviews from around the web that will tell you everything you need to know about what to expect if you want to spend a bit of money on an upgrade. Check out a list of the reviews from our affiliates below.

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