iPhone 5 Hands-on

If you have been waiting for the next generation of iPhone your wait is almost over. September 20th is the day both the iPhone 5S and the iPhone 5C start to ship. Engadget has some hands-on time with the iPhone 5S and shares their thoughts over here.

As you may have already heard, the 5s is rather similar in overall hardware to the iPhone 5, though there are a few changes in key places. As you can see in the above image, it's available in three colors: space grey (which has black highlights on top and bottom), white and -- as rumored so many times -- gold.

Luxa2 @ CES 2014

We took at a look at some of the mobile products from Luxa2 and saw that they have embraced Qi wireless charging in ways that we wish other companies would. They have a few really nifty products and you can check them out in our CES 2014 coverage!


Check out more pictures in the gallery here - as well as more of our CES 2014 coverage here.

Monoprice at CES 2015 - More than just cables

CES 2015 continues to roll on and today we had the chance to stop by and see the folks at Monoprice and some of their new products they've introduced for the upcoming year. Monoprice was at one time best know for their cables and accessories, but they've continued to add new products, lots and lots of new products. Monoprice was proudly showing off their new 28" 60Hz 4K monitor. There have been a good number of 4k monitors hitting the market in recent months, however, Monoprice is offering theirs for $499 USD which is going to be tough to beat. 



In addition to Monoprice's new 28" 4K monitor, they were also showing off their 30" 2560x1440 which retails for about the same money. This panel has higher quality color reproduction which justifies the higher price-per-pixel.


Microsoft tries to clear up if Windows 10 is free or not

Microsoft announced that they will be giving free upgrade copies of Windows 10 when it is released and everyone got excited and jumped to conclusions as to who gets it. 

Microsoft has been trying to clarify who gets it and who doesn't, here are the latest highlights:

  • Windows 7 (SP1) and Windows 8.1 users (if you don't have the updates you will have to update to those levels before you can upgraded to Windows 10 for free)
  • If your license of Windows is 'Non-Genuine' it appears you will be able to upgrade, however, your license will not become 'Genuine' 
  • Enterprise users are not eligible for the free upgrade
  • If you want to do a fresh install of Windows 10, you are not eligible.
  • Windows 10 is not free for everyone, it is just free for some people.

There are more details over at Yahoo, and chances are good Microsoft will have to clarify this a bunch more times before Windows 10 arrives as people come up with crazy hypothetical situations where they aren't sure if they qualify or not.

To recap what we’ve known since the Jan. 21 Windows 10 announcement: Microsoft will provide an upgrade from Windows 7 or Windows 8 to Windows 10 for free, for a period of one year from the release of Windows 10. There are some important details to this deal that were revealed, and a few that weren’t. In my talk with Woodman, I got what I think is the definitive take on who will have to pay for Windows 10 and when, and who will not.


Source: Yahoo

2015 MacBook vs 2011 MacBook Air

The upcoming 2015 version of the MacBook has raised some eyebrows in terms of the hardware that has been announced for it and now the benchmarks are coming in and they aren't setting any records to say the least. The guys over at MacRumors have benchmarked the new 2015 MacBook and are finding that it performs in the same range as the 2011 MacBook Air which probably isn't a great selling feature for Apple. The new 2015 MacBook will be going on sale April 10 and will start at $1,299 for the entry model which is pricey for the performance if you compare to previous models.

Though the Retina MacBook isn't officially launching until April 10, an early 64-bit Geekbench benchmark of the entry-level machine was spotted this afternoon, giving us our first glimpse at how the new ultra thin MacBook measures up to existing products in Apple's notebook line. 

The 1.1GHz entry-level Retina MacBook with an Intel Core M-5Y31 processor was benchmarked twice, giving two single-core scores of 1924 and 2044, and multi-core scores of 4038 and 4475. Comparatively, the 2015 entry-level MacBook Air with a 1.6GHz Intel Core i5 processor has seen scores in the neighborhood of 2881 (single-core) and 5757 (multi-core), so it's a good bit faster than the new MacBook. 

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