Sony at CES 2017

Sony brought a few new TVs to CES this year - along with a bunch of products that are already on sale - and are quite impressive. They also brought along a prototype project that should make it to market in the coming years. Sony’s XBR-A1E Bravia is their first consumer ready OLED TV that will come in 55-in, 65-in. and 77-inch sizes. This TV also sports a unique sound system in that there is no speaker but instead use a bar to vibrate the screen to produce sound all the while having a subwoofer to help with the bass. Oddly enough some of the Sony reps won’t call the OLED their flagship TV and instead point to some LED TVs as the prime examples of what can be done with them.



These 4K HDR LED TVs will eventually have more shutters in them than currently on the market, to turn off the LEDs to achieve the same blacks in the OLEDs all the while pushing the power to the other parts of the TV to help improve the brightness of the picture to give it a brighter picture than OLEDs.



Sony also introduced some amazing projectors with short throw lenses in them so that they only need to be about six inches away from the surface that it will be projecting on. These projects can either rest on the floor or shelving unit, or be mounted to the wall and can produce a 4K HDR picture up to about 120 inches. When powered off the projector will hide itself inside of its unit making it look like normal decor in the room. Because these projectors use lasers instead of what’s currently on the market these projectors can still display clear and crisp images even when the lights are on full blast. One of the cooler things that you may not hear about when it comes to sony is their small scale projector that is currently in prototype mode. When connected to your home or google home network you can use the image that is being projected onto your tabletop the same way as if you were looking at your phone or your computer screen.



For more images from our Sony visit, please check the gallery here. Also, you can find all of our CES 2017 coverage right here.

Permanent LoL Teams Surface

The LCS is getting even more credibility as League of Legends teams are getting more of a permanent status. There are 10 permanent teams now in the NA LCS that are backed by the likes of the Houston Rockets and Golden State Warriors. The fact is that LoL and other games of that nature require actual athletes to compete - they aren't overweight chip-eating slobs - they train physically to keep their mental game strong. This is good news for all serious gamers.

According to Riot, the shift to permanent teams was made with an eye toward the future growth of the league. With a guaranteed spot for each squad, the thinking is that each owner will be more likely to invest in their team for the long haul. That includes things like creating training facilities, as well as investing in areas like coaching, scouting, and player wellness. Each of the 10 teams will have an academy squad, designed to give up-and-comers a chance to learn before going pro, and Riot is also working to improve the standards for players, which includes raising the minimum salary to $75,000.

Source: TheVerge

Boox by ONYX: eReader, Monitor, Writing Tablet & More



Every now and then a company comes along with a product that claims to have some pretty unique features. CES is all about showcasing these products, but often there are many products that leave us disappointed. The BOOX (pronounced books) from ONYX is a product that shows a lot of promise and delivers exactly what they promise. 

Select BOOX devices will be running Android 6.0 and the range in size from 6-inch basic units to the massive 13.3-inch unit we looked at today. This big reader can be used as an external monitor via a MicroHDMI cable, a standard large eReader or even a writing tablet with a pressure sensitive stylus. 



While the e-Ink BOOX in computer monitor mode has limited use, the fact that it can do it and provides a very easy-on-the-eyes display is pretty awesome. This is a very premium device with a lot of features, and that comes at a cost - a fairly large cost in fact. MSRP is about $800 on this, but when we referenced their products on Amazon, we found them for a little over half-price of their MSRP. This could make it the perfect, premium, large format reader for professionals or anyone that consumes a large amount of print media.


BOOX Drawing

The fact is, I'd love of these to play around with and use on the road. It could be a great companion for any journalist. 

More info on BOOX here.

Intel Has a Big Problem and Needs to Act Like It

Intel has been largely ignoring the Meltdown and Spectre exploits and have taken an approach that borders on ignoring the problem entirely. The truth is though, that they need to get their crap in gear and figure out a REAL fix to this issue and to prevent things like this from happening again. It's a huge issue as it affects not just consumer PCs, but devices, servers and cloud applications as well. Intel is not alone however, and that's really what makes it worse. On the flip-side, other companies are at least acting like it matters and are taking serious steps to address and resolve the issue.

The flaws can be patched, but those patches could slow the Intel chips by as much as 30 percent, the equivalent of turning a state-of-the-art server chip into one from 2013. “There is no playbook for something like this,” says Charles Carmakal, a vice president at Mandiant, the arm of security company FireEye that consults on high-profile hacks. “I don’t think I’ve ever seen a vulnerability that worked across so many different operating systems and devices.”

Soure: Bloomberg

Acronis Offers Free Ransomware Protection

We've been fans of Acronis products for more than a little while now and often times the best part of a new SSD from ADATA is the initial joy that comes from Acronis True Image - the software required to move your old OS onto a speedy new SSD. Beyond that, Acronis released some great software last year at CES and we interviewed them at a later time and featured Acronis on WeeklyTechUpdate as their 2017 software included Ransomware protection. Fast forward another year and they now offer the same raonsomware protection for free - that's right, free. It is a standalone product now, but if you want more from Acronis, you can always get the full suite of software as well. 

Still, they are giving away their anti-ransomware software as a way to screw the morons that try and lock down your data (my words, not theirs). I love it. Go get it at the link below.

This solution can be used together with other data protection solutions already installed on the device, such as anti-virus and backup software (not just Acronis backup).

It monitors system processes in real-time to automatically detect and stop the attacks other solutions can’t. In event of a ransomware attack, Acronis Ransomware Protection blocks the malicious process and notifies the user with a popup. If any files were damaged in the attack, it facilitates the instant recovery of those affected files.

Source: Acronis

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