PlayStation Network and Xbox Get DoS'd

Sony had a rough weekend. In addition to their PlayStation Network was taken down with a Denial of Service attack and then were further crippled when their Sony Online Entertainment service was also taken down. Microsoft didn't escape unscathed either as their Xbox Live login servers were also knocked offline in a world wide hack on these gaming services. Reports are floating around that Battle.net was also affected and this caused League of Legends to be unavailable for a while as well. Thankfully for all of these services, no information was taken and nothing was compromised - logins were just crippled due to the DoS flood.

As SOE's John Smedley explains, the culprits are simply trying to overwhelm Sony rather than break in. That won't be much comfort if you wanted to squeeze in a few rounds of Killzone before the weekend was over, but it hopefully means that you can get back to playing without worrying that your data is vulnerable. In at least SOE's case, some services are already back up and running -- give it a try and let others know how it's going in the comments.

Source: Engadget

Amazon - not Google, Just Bought Twitch

The rumor was that Google was all interested in buying Twitch.tv a while back and after those rumors died down, no one really thought anything more about it. Well, that's not entirely true. Amazon was thinking long and hard about it apparently. They just announced that they've dropped almost $1 Billion on the live video service and plan to add "live" to their amazing video lineup (if you live in the USA). I'm not sure how this really makes sense for them, but I guess they didn't want Google to capture more viewers.

Today, I’m pleased to announce we’ve been acquired by Amazon. We chose Amazon because they believe in our community, they share our values and long-term vision, and they want to help us get there faster. We’re keeping most everything the same: our office, our employees, our brand, and most importantly our independence. But with Amazon’s support we’ll have the resources to bring you an even better Twitch.

Source: Twitch

Dropbox drops prices

Cloud storage has become the most popular way to keep your date safe and secure as well as synced between your numerous devices. Microsoft and Google have jumped into the market in a big way and have driven the prices down and now Dropbox (one of the first and most popular choice) is responding by offer 1TB of storage for ~$10 bucks a month (which previously only got you 100GB of storage for the same price). Wired takes a closer look at Dropbox over here.

When I talk to folks at Dropbox, they’re eager to tell me about how different people are using its file-sharing service: the musician, the photographer, the professor, the startup founder. They like to talk about new features, like password-protected links and the remote wipe tool that lets you remove files from a lost computer.

But what they save for the end of our meeting, almost like an afterthought, are the two numbers that traditionally meant the most for a data storage service: how many gigabytes you can store, and at what price.

WiFi Routers Are Still Vulnerable

As long as people are willing to be mischievous and cause trouble, there will be security exploits and the latest affecting many WiFi routers has been shown off by Oxcite, a Swiss Security Firm. In this attack, they take advantage of the PIN required for WPS setup and then are able to actually "guess" the correct PIN on the very first try. Hacking the router literally takes one second. Whoops.

A vendor implementation that improperly generates random numbers is more susceptible to attack, and it appears as though this is the case with at least two devices," she said in a statement. "It is likely that the issue lies in the specific vendor implementations rather than the technology itself. As the published research does not identify specific products, we do not know whether any Wi-Fi certified devices are affected, and we are unable to confirm the findings.

Source: ArsTechnica

Samsung @ CES 2013

One of the highlights of every CES is a stop by the Samsung booth and this year didn’t disappoint. Samsung has so many products on display which makes it feel like walking through a candy story wishing you could have one of each. The big product in the TV market this year at CES is 4k displays (4096x2160 resolution) and Samsung had a bunch of those on display. Right now content is pretty tough to find in resolutions that high, but the demo clips that they were showing attracted quite a crowd. 

Samsung 4K TV

Also on display was one of Samsung's curved OLED TV's. The curve in the screen wasn't drastic but it was enough to give the picture a bit of a different look and thanks to the OLED technology the picture was great. 

Samsung Curved OLED TV

Check out more of our pictures from Samsung in our CES 2013 gallery.

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