Android APp Pick - Vanishing Hitchhiker

We have just posted up another Android App Pick of the Week and this week we get mysterious with Shiver - Vanishing Hitchhiker Hidden Objects. This is a fairly standard hidden objects game, but with a story. If you like finding stuff as well as a good murder mystery novel, this game combines both to give you hours of good fun. Check it out!

Vanishing Hitchhiker



Ballmer Steps Down from Microsoft Board

It's official, Steve Ballmer has officially dropped off the board at Microsoft just six months after he retired as CEO. He is citing reasons that include his purchase of an NBA team as well as teaching opportunities. This comes as quite a surprise for most people and while Steve really wasn't doing much at Microsoft anymore, the reality is that he was still a figurehead that made the company feel solid.

I bleed Microsoft — have for 34 years and I always will. I continue to love discussing the company’s future. I love trying new products and sending feedback. I love reading about what is going on at the company. Count on me to keep ideas and inputs flowing. The company will move to higher heights. I will be proud, and I will benefit through my share ownership. I promise to support and encourage boldness by management in my role as a shareholder in any way I can. 



Source: Microsoft

Make Windows 8 Feel Even Faster

Windows 8 boots really, really fast. That's no secret. If you want to speed up the feeling of using the OS there are ways that you can do that as well. Mostly this involves turning off some animations and as you can see in the video below, it does make a difference. Still, I think the best way to make people like Windows 8 is to add an actual Start Menu and call it Windows 9.

Source: Neowin

Samsung Sold More LTE Phones that Apple

There was a day when Apple was proudly boasting that they sold more phones that all Android phones combined. Those days are long gone as Android sales are kicking Apple around the block and now even Samsung themselves has sold more LTE phones than Apple has sold iPhones. That's not a good thing for Apple, and in fact this doesn't take into account all of the non-LTE phones (budget) phones that Samsung is selling globally. Apparently all the lawsuits that Apple filed didn't help them with the device war.

According to Strategy Analytics, Samsung occupies the top spot on the global market for LTE smartphones in Q2 this year. The Korean giant took the leadership position with 28.6 million devices sold on its way to 32.2% share.

Source(s): GSMArena, Chosun

Samsung @ CES 2013

One of the highlights of every CES is a stop by the Samsung booth and this year didn’t disappoint. Samsung has so many products on display which makes it feel like walking through a candy story wishing you could have one of each. The big product in the TV market this year at CES is 4k displays (4096x2160 resolution) and Samsung had a bunch of those on display. Right now content is pretty tough to find in resolutions that high, but the demo clips that they were showing attracted quite a crowd. 

Samsung 4K TV

Also on display was one of Samsung's curved OLED TV's. The curve in the screen wasn't drastic but it was enough to give the picture a bit of a different look and thanks to the OLED technology the picture was great. 

Samsung Curved OLED TV

Check out more of our pictures from Samsung in our CES 2013 gallery.

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