Overwatch Wants to Block Keyboard & Mouse on Console

Blizzard has allows Overwatch to run on both PC and consoles, but they are struggling with the reality that keyboard and mouse input for games is better than controllers. On PCs, it's not a big deal as all gamers are somewhat equally equipped. On the console side of things however, some people using keyboards and mice have an unfair advantage and Blizzard is looking at the possibility of blocking people that use aftermarket keyboard equipped devices.

Aiming remains a sticking point for Overwatch fans who prefer consoles to PC. For their part, the folks at Blizzard said they’ll change their tune about keyboards if console makers ever introduce support for them out of the box.

Source: Polygon

Vizio Fined $2.2 Million for Spying

Vizio actually makes some pretty solid products for the price, and they even have SMART features that we expect to find on top-tier companies. Unlike these companies however, Vizio made no mention that firmware upgrades on older TVs (done automatically) would enable those units to spy on and collect user data. 

It did provide Vizio with a wonderful new way to collect and store a huge variety of consumer data under the pretense of adding consumer functionality. MAC addresses, IP addresses, nearby WiFi network names, metadata were all hoovered up and stored. And when the FTC says viewing data, it means that Vizio used pixel analysis to compile personal data on every program and device connected to the Vizio set.

Source: TechDirt

Intel to Equip Fab42 Facility for 7nm Production

Intel announced that it will bring its Fab 42 facility online to produce 7nm chips which will amount to about 3k new jobs in Arizona. Though it will take about three to four years to get up and running, Intel plans to to spend up to $7 billion to get this done. There is the possibility that the company may start using extreme ultraviolet lithography in the 7nm fabrication process, however details on the 7nm fabrication process are still scarce and Intel won't start moving equipment into the facility until it irons out the manufacturing technology.

Intel said that it will use its 7 nm fabrication process to produce various processors for PCs, data centers and other devices that will be used for AI, automated driving, medical research/treatment as well as other applications. So, as usually, the manufacturing technology will be positioned to make the whole stack of Intel’s products several years from now.

Source: AnandTech

Windows 10 to Bring PiP to the Computer

A new feature called "compact overlay window" was debuted in a newly released test version of Windows 10. The new feature will have an always on-top window that can be used for watching movies or videos, or could be used to have video chats with friends and family. I would imagine Ben Heide would get full use out of this feature while typing up some reviews!

A test version of Windows 10 released Wednesday comes with a feature called "compact overlay window" that will always float atop your other windows. That could be handy for holding Skype video chats, keeping an eye on political hearings and yes, watching Netflix or the big game when you're supposed to be at work.

Source: CNET

HPs Security Commercials Feature Christian Slater

HP has a lot of money behind their connected printers and they actually do a really good job with device integration and remote printing. The problem with any internet connected device is that it can be a security risk, but HP takes that seriously too. In fact, they "reinvent" security with their latest campaign and even throw the chops of Christian Slater behind it. If he says it's good, then it must be, right?

In the series, Slater systematically hacks a company - from the mailroom to the boardroom - through overlooked vulnerabilities and poorly secured printers and PCs. This first installment reinforces that security is no longer just the responsibility of the network or something at the perimeter, but it's a concern for everyone.


Source: HP

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