Windows to Kill File History

In a HORRIBLE move, Microsoft is setting up to kill File Version History on Windows 10. While I see their point on some issues (history and file versions are available for one machine - not multiple) I think having this option is still really key for some applications. OneDrive does some of this, but it requires another paid service in order to store enough data to be really useful. Also, OneDrive access is still not super simple from within Windows. If File History is your backup of choice, you'd better start planning for something else, as this update is already rolling out in an Insider Preview build.

File History is one part of a broader set of backup and recovery features that have been built into Windows for years. It can be configured to automatically backup your most important files to a separate hard drive or network location. But it’s better than a basic backup: File History also lets you retrieve earlier versions of a file, so that if you make a change to a document or other file, you can “go back in time” and return to any earlier versions.

Source: Thurrott

Android App Pick #211 - Super Mario Run

We have just posted up another Android App Pick and this week we get our fast shoes on and get down with Super Mario Run. Unlike many other "run" games, this follows the classic Super Mario format and is a side-scroller. While there is a free version, the paid version unlocks the full game with no further micro-transactions required. Take a look and get in the game.

App Pick 211


Alienware & Dell Bet Big on Threadripper

Dell and Alienware are betting big when it comes to AMDs Threadripper CPU. Alienware has two separate systems based on the new Threadripper CPU and is betting big that VR will start to really matter this year. In addition to Threadripper, they are putting some serious graphics power in their laptops with the GeForce GTX 1080 Max-Q. It looks to be a good summer for hardware.

Alienware and Dell head into this year's E3 with a triad of new PC gaming systems and components – high-end Alienware gaming desktops with new multi-core processor options, a full range of performance gaming monitors and peripherals with Alienware's signature design and a new Dell Inspiron Gaming Desktop bringing VR to all. Alienware and Dell continue to demonstrate why, together, they have become a leading PC gaming brand worldwide with gaming solutions for players of all levels and budgets.

Source: PRNewsWire

Buy One Get One Free: Samsung Galaxy S8

Samsung is pushing hard to get their devices into the hands of as many people as possible and with the latest buy one, get one free deal applying to the Galaxy S8, there isn't a better time to buy one than now - if you're a T-Mobile customer. That is pretty much the only requirement in order to get this deal. The second device is free with an instant rebate, so  there will be no waiting to get money back or bill credit.

Unlike other deals, where you had to activate a new line or lease both phones, Samsung’s offer just requires that you activate one of the two S8s on an existing T-Mobile line through Samsung’s website, after which the company will issue you a $750 refund to cover the second phone on your original method of payment within seven to 10 days.

Source: TheVerge 

FCC proposes $120 million dollar fine for robocalls

The FCC has just proposed the biggest fine ever, a hefty $120 million dollars for illegal robocalls over a 3 month period. The recipient of the fine made nearly 100 million illegal calls in 3 months. I'm going to go out on a limb and say the person being fined won't have the financial means to pay the fine, but hopefully it will be a deterrent for the future. The Hill has the story.

The Federal Communications Commission on Thursday proposed a $120 million fine, its largest ever, on a Florida man who is suspected of making nearly 100 million illegal robocalls over a three-month period.

FCC officials said that Adrian Abramovich of Miami apparently made 96 million “spoofed” robocalls in an attempt to lure consumers into buying into vacation packages and timeshares.

The proposed fine is based on 80,000 such calls that the FCC’s Enforcement Bureau verified as originating from Abramovich.

FCC Chairman Ajit Pai added that the operation may have disrupted medical services.

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