Weekly Tech Update #416 - New Mobile Hardware Launches at CES 2018

We have just posted up Episode #416 of Weekly Tech Update! In this episode we'll be discussing Cyber Monday was a big one, Lenovo says goodbye to the ThinkPad and CES 2018 will reportedly see the launch of the Galaxy S9 and the LG G7. We have those stories and more at the links below...


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MIcrosoft Edge Passes 1 Million Downloads - On Android

Microsoft Edge browser for Android has been out of the "preview" stage and has been available to everyone for just a little over a week. The crazy thing is that Google's download tracker shows that it has over a million downloads. I'm not sure why. Granted, Chrome is not the perfect mobile browser, but it's built in and it just works. I'm not sure how many people love Edge enough to make the effort to download a different browser, but apparently a million people do. Unless Microsoft is gaming the system... Hmmmm....

The number comes from the Google Play Store's own download tracker. Edge is also currently listed as the third most-popular free app in the "Communication" category on Google Play. The next milestone of five million downloads will take a little longer to reach, but hitting a million downloads a week out from launch, and two months since initially hitting preview, isn't too shabby.

Source: WindowsCentral

Toshiba Brings 14TB Drives for Everyone

There are some interesting storage technologies in the works, but magnetic storage has been the staple of the mechanical hard drive for many years. With the latest 14TB drive from Toshiba - nothing has changed. This is still a traditional magnetic, mechanical drive. Keep in mind that this particular unit has 9 platters crammed into a standard height 3.5-inch drive, is sealed and helium filled. Some of these massive drives have slower spindle speeds, but Toshiba keeps it screaming along at 7,200rpm. It looks impressive and is cheaper than a Titan V.

The series also utilizes Toshiba Group’s laser welding technology to ensure the helium remains securely sealed inside the drive enclosure. The drives support a SATA 6Gbit/s interface and 7,200rpm access performance. The 9-disk 14TB models achieve a 40% increase in maximum capacity over previous MG06ACA 10TB models. Additionally, the 14TB models improve power efficiency by over 50% (W/GB).

Source: BusinessWire

Bitcoin Trading is Official - Price Surges

It appears that Bitcoin is now on the Chicago Board Options Exchange and has seen prices climb on it's first day of trading. I'm still not sure why it's actually worth anything at all, but here it is - a virtual and digital currency that is currently sitting at just under $16,800 USD. It's a marvel and one that may continue to climb - or could crash suddenly making people very poor. Actually, most of these people don't actually have any money from Bitcoin, so they would be just the same as they are now. Very odd stuff though.

Coindesk writes: "In all, the tumultuous start is perhaps a fitting start to the trading of the new contracts. CBOE's is the first to be traded on a major regulated exchange in the U.S., and it's set to be followed next week by CME Group, which has announced that it will launch its own products on Dec. 18."

Source: NPR

Ataribox Pre-Order Start on December 14

While I'd like to believe that Atari is trying to cash in on the marvel that is the "Classic" editions of older consoles, something about this pre-order situation has me a little skeptical. Atari announced that they are bringing the Ataribox to market with pre-orders starting this week, but they have no word on games or when it will launch. I'm sure it really doesn't take all that time to make these little units, but without more details at the announcement, it smells a bit like vaporware. I'm sure they'll bring it out eventually, but Christmas 2018 is a little long to wait.

Excited for the Ataribox? Well, starting December 14th, you'll be able to lay down $250 - $300 for the retro-modern console. The company emailed the news to fans recently and even teased that there will be a chance for the "earliest supporters" to snag one at a discounted price.

Source: Engadget

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