Tiny Battery Cools Chips While Powering Them

This idea brings the idea of perpetual energy closer to reality - and that's not even the goal here. Researches have constructed a battery that has a dual benefit of supplying power to chips as well as cooling them at the same time. There is some pumping required to remove heat, but the entire process takes 0.4W and it still leaves 1W left to power the chip. Once they figure out how to cool the chip, capture the heat and use that to make electricity, it will either create a black hole - or solve the world's energy problem.

"Redox flow" batteries that use liquid electrolytes are normally used on a large scale to store energy. For instance, Harvard Researchers recently created one that can last over ten years with very little degradation, making it ideal to store solar or wind energy.

Source: Engadget

Moto G5

Motorola (Lenovo) has released their new G5 phone which offers high end features for less the $300 with no contract. There are more and more great options for smartphones that don't cost an arm and a leg but the new G5 is taking things to a new level. The Verge takes a closer look at the G5 and explains why it's a tough value to beat.

The lesson of Lenovo’s new Moto G5 Plus is simple: cheap smartphones have no business feeling cheap anymore. The "below this price, you get a lackluster device" line that once existed has officially evaporated when you can buy a phone for as little as $229 with a metal build, phenomenal display, great performance, and satisfactory battery life. And best of all, it’s a phone that you can take to any major carrier, and it’ll just work. Very few other bargain phones can offer the same convenience.

Google Talk Dies so Hangouts Can Live On

We've talked about how Google has too many chat applications that overlap and don't really offer any new features to the mix. One of the best of their many is Hangouts, but they've been threatening to pull the plug on this app for a while now. Thankfully it will live at least a little longer as Google decided to kill the "Talk" app instead. I'm sure the way Google Labs works that Hangouts will disappear soon, but for now, it lives on.

And speaking of messaging on Android, Google is trying to clean up that messy experience as well. Removing SMS messaging from Hangouts was the first step in that process, and those messages will be completely turned off starting on May 22. For your texting needs, Google is now directing users to its new Android Messages app, which will be getting additional features like read receipts, group chat and hi-res photo sharing. The changes do not, however, affect anyone using Hangouts as their SMS messaging app for Google Voice or Project Fi.

Source: Engadget

StarCraft Getting a 4K Remaster This Summer

If you are a big StarCraft fan, but can't bring yourself to look at graphics that are pretty horrible and old, you're in luck as Blizzard is working on a full remaster of StarCraft and StarCraft: Brood War this summer. It will be called StarCraft: Remastered and it may be worth checking out.

“With StarCraft: Remastered,” says Mike Morhaime, the CEO and cofounder of Blizzard Entertainment, “we’re modernizing the original game’s visuals, audio, and online support to ensure that players can enjoy StarCraft for another 20 years and beyond.”

Source: TheVerge

Dell's 8K Monitor is Available for $5000

Dell is quickly pushing forward past the 4K fad and into the 8K wonder with their 31.5-inch 8K monitor. This Ultrasharp 32 is price right at that magic $5000 mark which makes it a little more expensive than I can afford currently. Still, for that kind of money, you do get an incredible display. Thankfully, it will be shipping mid-April, so you won't have to wait long.

Of course, you probably won't plunk down that cash to use your fancy 8K monitor for high-end gaming or a VR ride. As we pointed out when we first saw it, the Ultrasharp 32's 7,680 by 4,320 pixels and 100 percent Adobe RGB and sRGB color support will most benefit artists and photographers that need to view and edit massive files.

Source: Engadget

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