April Fools

Every year the April Fools jokes get more and more elaborate. This year was no exception with Google, Samsung, Thinkgeek, and more coming up with videos of "April Fools Products". Directory Journal has come up with a list of 8 products that were just jokes but we all wish were actually real.

April Fools’ Day is a hoot for many yet often a tragedy for prank victims. It’s no secret that April Fools’ pranks can get out of hand, but what happens when tech companies promise a revolutionary product they can’t deliver only to have customers pleading for the actual product?

That answer is simple. The internet goes into an uproar begging for these products that don’t actually exist. Want to see what product ideas you’re missing out on? Check out some of these tech pranks of 2014 that consumers wish were real.

Samsung Galaxy S5 Teardown

The Samsung Galaxy S5 is coming soon and since this is BCCHardware (and we like to tear things apart) we couldn't not post iFixit's teardown of the Galaxy S5. Follow this link if you want to see what's inside of Samsung's next big phone.

Every so often, our Earth-bound teardown team gazes skyward. Today, we look to take the Samsung Galaxy S5 to pieces. Will this device be immortalized among the stars of repairability—or will it plummet to the ground like a blazing meteorite?

Join us as we use our best scientific instruments to find out—iFixit Style.

Still Using MSE? Stop It.

If you have been using Microsoft Security Essentials for Anti-virus, you may really want to consider changing to a different program. Microsoft announced that they weren't supporting it anymore a while ago, and now it is starting to really show the lack of support. In the analysis below, they show why it's failing and offer some good alternatives.

Those numbers might seem okay – until you look at the competitors. Avast free antivirus, for example, blocked 100% of known threats and 98% of zero-day attacks. That means that if you have 100 computers with MSE, and 100 with Avast, the group running MSE would fall victim to 14 zero-day attacks for every single attack that slips by Avast.

Source: MakeUseOf

WTU Episode #258 - Google Glass Goes on Sale!

We have just posted up Episode #258 of Weekly Tech Update. In this episode we are discussing Google Glass goes on sale, Comcast wins an award and you’re probably going to want to change all your passwords.We have those stories and more and the links below!


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Samsung @ CES 2013

One of the highlights of every CES is a stop by the Samsung booth and this year didn’t disappoint. Samsung has so many products on display which makes it feel like walking through a candy story wishing you could have one of each. The big product in the TV market this year at CES is 4k displays (4096x2160 resolution) and Samsung had a bunch of those on display. Right now content is pretty tough to find in resolutions that high, but the demo clips that they were showing attracted quite a crowd. 

Samsung 4K TV

Also on display was one of Samsung's curved OLED TV's. The curve in the screen wasn't drastic but it was enough to give the picture a bit of a different look and thanks to the OLED technology the picture was great. 

Samsung Curved OLED TV

Check out more of our pictures from Samsung in our CES 2013 gallery.

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