Halo Collection Arrives with a 20GB Patch

If you've been eagerly waiting for the 343 Industries Halo Collection for your Xbox One, you may have heard that there is a 20GB Day 1 Patch. That sucks. Plain and simple. This patch was known before the disks were shipped so there is a bit of an outcry as to why gamers have to deal with this kind of issue. The reality is that because of this patch, the game collection fits on a single Blu-Ray disc. Without the patch, you'd need a couple of discs. If you are super chapped, you can at least pre-load the patch before the game arrives.

While we won't know for sure what's included in the update until it arrives, O'Connor's claim that the game was simply too large to fit on one disc has merit. As we've explained, Halo: The Master Chief Collection includes remastered versions of the first four Halo games, as well as over 100 multiplayer maps.

Source: Joystiq

Blizzcon: Nothing Else Matters

Blizzard is the company that really figured out monthly gaming subscriptions and they've been doing very well. With the number of World of Warcraft, Starcraft and other craft users still growing, they are making nothing but money and they have so much that they hired Metallica to come and perform and BlizzCon 2014. That is ridiculously awesome. Even if you're not a much of a gamer, you'll want to tune in as they'll be streaming the event live.

We’re thrilled to announce that Metallica will be performing the closing concert at BlizzCon 2014, playing before a sold-out convention crowd on the night of November 8! If you didn’t score tickets to the show, don’t worry—you can still get a front-row seat from home with the BlizzCon Virtual Ticket.

Source: Battle.net

New Google "Inbox" to Replace Traditional GMail

There are a lot of people that use GMail - either directly or hosted by Google - as their primary email client and do everything with webmail outside of a dedicated mail client such as Outlook. The problem with this web-only method is that filters and sorting is sometimes difficult and if you get hundreds of emails a day, it can be easy to miss something important. The new email experience by Google is called "Inbox" and while it is invite only at the moment, it does show some promise - amid the initial confusion. Check it out and I'm sure you'll understand why.

If you're anything like us, Google's Gmail has an iron grip on your life. Google's looking to create a whole new iron grip with a new app from its Gmail team, and it's called "Inbox." What is it? That's a good question -- Google's made a demo slash advertisement video that we've dropped below. As far as we can tell, Inbox is a combination of Google Now and your Gmail inbox -- a "smart" inbox, if you will.

Source: Engadget

9 Biggest Mess Ups in Tech History

It really is tough to create a new product - or a new product category when it comes to technology. There have been some amazing improvements and advancements over the past few years, but there has also been a fair share of things that didn't work out as well in the real world as they did in the boardroom brainstorming session. Take a look at nine of the biggest mess ups at the link below.

Google does a lot right. Snatching up Android? Pretty solid. Developing amazing software and smartphone tools? Not too bad. Oh, and that search engine isn't too bad either. But even the biggest companies can't escape the occasional tech blunder, and Nexus Q was exactly that. Announced in 2012, Google handed out this $300 digital media player known as Nexus Q to everyone attending the 2012 Google I/O conference.

Source: Gizmodo

HP's $200 Windows 8.1 Laptop Now Shipping

We talked on the latest episode of WeeklyTechUpdate how Chromebook sales have continued to climb even though low-cost Windows laptops are becoming available. There hasn't been anything quite as low-cost as the HP Stream laptop though. This little machine comes with Windows 8.1, a standard 1366x768 screen, 2GB of DDR3 and a 2.16GHz Celeron CPU. As with most of these super-cheap laptops, it is short on memory with 32GB internal and no really much of a way to permanently upgrade to more. Still, at $200 it might be a perfect option to replace that Chromebook...especially now that it comes with Office 365 for one year - and that includes unlimited OneDrive storage.

This device, along with many other low-cost Windows devices, are part of Microsoft's ongoing effort to combat cheap laptops and tablets running Chrome and Android, as the Google-powered products have increasingly cut into Windows market share. Microsoft has made a large push for cheaper Windows devices by removing the license fee for tablets with screens smaller than 9 inches and introducing a free version of Windows that bundles Bing search.

Source: Neowin

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