In Win at CES 2017

In Win definitely brought another eye catching display to CES with two of their custom modded cases, the Medieval Metal and the CSAT, that will be put into production for consumers to buy. Both mods started from plain 509 cases and were modded to themes and rules for In Win’s 30th anniversary case mod invitational.

In Win


In Win also came out with their own RGB fan called the Aurora that is fully modular and has 4 RGB LEDs that can each be altered for different colors. These fans can also be daisy chained together which opens the possibility of changing each individual light on each fan to create some interesting lighting effects. On top of that these fans and also be remote controlled with a hand held remote control, which allows you to not only change the light speed, mode, and brightness but also allows you to change the fan speed, turbo mode (on/off), and lock status.

In Win


In Win has also brought lighting effects to their power supplies for those that really like to show off their cases and mods. In Win also brought along a new and really cool looking case called the tou 2.0. Some of the images of this case do not exactly do it justice as it sports tempered glass sides that can act as two-way mirrors. To top it off all the USB and audio I/O ports are located on the front of the case at the bottom while a light control panel is located on the top front of the case.

We took a lot more images over at In Win and you can view them all starting right here. Also, please check out the rest of our CES coverage right here.


CrashPlan Bails on Home Users

CrashPlan is an interesting backup solution that uses a P2P method for backing up your data off-site. It was pretty handy and I know more than a few people who used this as their main off-site backup. Data remains encrypted and unavailable at the destination to maintain security. While the service is still available for business customers, home users will no longer be able to sign up or renew their subscription when it expires. I hope you have another plan, because CrashPlan is done.

We want you to know that we are doing everything we can to help our consumer customers make the transition with all the support they need. First, we will honor all existing CrashPlan for Home subscriptions and the data we store for consumers will remain protected. Second, we are offering a choice to transition to either our CrashPlan for Small Business product or to our preferred third-party consumer backup provider, Carbonite.

Source: Code42

Western Digital Launches 20TB Desktop Storage Solution

If you have taken too many selfies, you may want to back them up to an external drive. Some drives are pretty limited, but the Western Digital My Book Duo is not. It comes with capacities up to 20TB and the box houses a pair of drives that are RAIDed for best performance. As for connectivity, Type-C USB is on board that makes it work with pretty much everything including USB 3.1, on down to the slow USB 1.0. I'd hate to use it over anything less that USB 3.1 though as the interface would be the limiting factor.

Source: WesternDigital

Nintendo SNES Classic preorders turned into a gong show

People has been patiently waiting for the pre-orders on the SNES Classic from Nintendo to finally go online and apparently yesterday was that day. Unfortunately, like we predicted on WeeklyTechUpdate, it didn't go smoothly. Of course there wasn't nearly enough pre-orders available and everyone sold out pretty much immediately and some stores in an attempt to prevent scalpers and robo-buyers from getting them didn't let anyone know the pre-orders would be going live. In the end it doesn't look like many people ended up scooping up a pre-order and if the stock was that limited for pre-orders I'd think on the 29th of September when they arrive in stores officially you won't be seeing many there either. CNET has more on this story.

I sure hope you weren't hoping to preorder the Super NES Classic Edition, the pint-size remake of one of Nintendo's most beloved game consoles. Because Nintendo doesn't seem to want your $80, £80 or AU$120.

How else would you explain what loyal Nintendo fans went through in the past 18 hours?

Weekly Tech Update #405 - Bitcoin Tops $5,000 & is Rising

We have just posted up Episode #405 of Weekly Tech Update! In this episode, we will be discussing Bitcoin keeps going up, HTC wants out, and the Xbox wants to be friends with the PlayStation.We have those stories and more at the links below...


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