In Win at CES 2017

In Win definitely brought another eye catching display to CES with two of their custom modded cases, the Medieval Metal and the CSAT, that will be put into production for consumers to buy. Both mods started from plain 509 cases and were modded to themes and rules for In Win’s 30th anniversary case mod invitational.

In Win


In Win also came out with their own RGB fan called the Aurora that is fully modular and has 4 RGB LEDs that can each be altered for different colors. These fans can also be daisy chained together which opens the possibility of changing each individual light on each fan to create some interesting lighting effects. On top of that these fans and also be remote controlled with a hand held remote control, which allows you to not only change the light speed, mode, and brightness but also allows you to change the fan speed, turbo mode (on/off), and lock status.

In Win


In Win has also brought lighting effects to their power supplies for those that really like to show off their cases and mods. In Win also brought along a new and really cool looking case called the tou 2.0. Some of the images of this case do not exactly do it justice as it sports tempered glass sides that can act as two-way mirrors. To top it off all the USB and audio I/O ports are located on the front of the case at the bottom while a light control panel is located on the top front of the case.

We took a lot more images over at In Win and you can view them all starting right here. Also, please check out the rest of our CES coverage right here.


Windows 10 Gaining Ground on Windows 7

Microsoft had high hopes for Windows 10, but the uptake by consumers wasn't quite as fast or as steady as they'd hoped. Granted, the initial install-base was pretty rapid with the free upgrade offer, but since it has slowed. It's still been a nice steady climb, but it hasn't been groundbreaking or earth shaking. That being said, it appears as though Windows 10 could have more market share than Windows 7 by the end of this year. I know that doesn't matter a lot to most people, but it's still a nice milestone for the company that wants to simplify it's support and product cycle.

Extrapolating for the next three months with the same rate of increase, we may see Windows 10 occupy 43.59% of the Windows market share, while Windows 7 would have dropped down to 40.66% by the new year. Indeed, the rate of increase may, in fact, be larger than current figures in the month of October due to the release of the Fall Creators Update for Windows 10, which may prompt many users to upgrade from older versions of Windows for the added features and security.

Source: Neowin

Pi-Top Turns Raspberry Pi into an Expensive Laptop

I love the Raspberry Pi. I've currently got three of them doing various tasks and they are certainly worth their weight in Rubles. The latest Pi is quite powerful (for a $35 machines) and includes WiFi and Bluetooth to name a few features. It's fantastic for $35. How could you make it better? Make it portable with a laptop housing and have a Raspberry Pi powered laptop. This would be great for learning to code projects, but at $320 - it's priced way too high. That being said, it does have a 1080p panel.

The updated Pi-Top is easier to assemble than the first model, and features a clever adjustable keyboard, which slides forward to reveal the Pi itself, along with what the company calls the “Modular Rail,” where users can attach new components and Pi-Top accessories. The new Pi-Top comes with one compatible accessory out of the box; an “Inventor’s Kit” that consists of a breadboard and some basic components for building small projects, like LEDs; a microphone; and a motion sensor.

Source: TheVerge 

SNES Classic at Toys R Us on Friday

If you still haven't gotten an SNES Classic, you may be lucky enough to snag one at Toys R Us on Friday. They are receiving some more units and will have them available. If you really want one, it may be worth getting up early and lining up as scalpers are demanding (and getting) stupid high prices on eBay. I wouldn't mind one, but not for $250 or more. Stay tuned as more units keep trickling into different retail locations.

There are no bundles or other nonsense to deal with at Toys R Us, but Friday also marks the release of Super Mario Odyssey for Nintendo Switch, so I wouldn’t be surprised to see other retailers join in with a shipment of SNES Classic units to go along with it. Toys R Us is selling a Switch bundle with the new Mario game included, but that’s separate from the Classic. (The company warns that this too will be in short supply.)

Source: TheVerge

Weekly Tech Update #411 - Microsoft Kills off Another 'Killer' Product

We have just posted up Episode #411 of Weekly Tech Update! In this episode we are discussing iPhone 10's are expensive to fix, Twitter may have inflated their user numbers and Microsoft kills off another product - the casualty this week - the Kinect.We have those stories and more at the links below...


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