Sennheiser focuses on wireless at CES 2015

Every year we try and meet with Sennheiser at CES to see what they have that is new, refined and better and this year their big focus was on wireless. Many companies can put a Bluetooth receiver in a set of headphones, but they don't all sound alike. Sennheiser takes they excellent Momentum line and puts basic Bluetooth features in this great product and manages to keep the audio quality they are known for.

The other wireless set they were showing off was the Urbanite. These have been around in a wired version for a while, but they have joined the wireless world as well and include touch sensitive controls for play, pause, forward, back and to answer and end calls. Take a look at the video below for more details.


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Linksys @ CES 2016

Linksys always has a good presence at CES and this year was no different. Things on the Belkin side of the business were really busy as they were putting on high quality screen protectors for people as they brought their devices by. On the Linksys side of things, they seem to be aiming toward the consumer enthusiast once again as they have resurrected some of their WRT routers that are DD-WRT compatible.

On the super-fast side of things, they have just announced their new Max-Stream Next-Gen Tri-Band router. This is the EA9500 and they claim it can push as much as 5400Mbps through the 802.11n 2.4GHz and 5GHz frequencies while ramping up the 802.11ac and stacking it on top for crazy speeds. You will need a client device that has at least six antennae to maximize the power of your router.


One feature of the EA9500 is the MU-MIMO capability. It supports multiple users on the multiple-input, multiple-output protocol. This means that you can stream 12 4K streams at once over a wireless connection. It looks impressive, but we'll have to see how it performs in the real world and not in a theoretical environment.

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Surface Book Firmware Update

If you've snagged yourself a Surface Book and have been waiting on a firmware update to fix a few things, you're in luck. The latest firmware from Microsoft fixed quite a few things and improved features as well. There are a lot of other Surface clones on the market these days, and while some may be as good as the Microsoft original, if I was shopping for a new Ultraportable, my money would be on the Surface for sure.

Interestingly, there doesn't seem to be any updates for the Surface Pro 4. Firmware for Microsoft's high-end tablet is typically released in parallel with the Book, although it would appear that that is not the case this time, or the company simply hasn't updated the Update History page for the Pro 4 yet, which seems likely, given Microsoft's continuing struggle to post details of its updates in a timely fashion.

Source: Neowin

Microsoft Keeps Outselling PS4

The PS4 outsold the Xbox One at initial launch, but since the update Xbox One S has landed with 4K support, people have been buying more Microsoft consoles than the competition. This is good news for Microsoft and the lead has extended from the USA to the UK. Slowly, Microsoft is outselling and gaining ground on overall console sales, but once the updated PS4 comes out, I think the numbers will flip back to their original ratio in favor of Sony.

In September, the Xbox One/One S outsold the PlayStation 4 by around 1,500 units. In October, that gap widened to 25,000 units. Of the 99,496 consoles sold in the UK last month, Microsoft grabbed 56% of sales, followed by 42% for the PS4 and 2% for the Wii U.

Source: Neowin

HyperX Alloy FPS Mechanical Keyboard Review

We don't often cover hardware reviews from other sites on the front page, but this review is of HyperX's first mechanical gaming keyboard. Almost every other company has a mechanical keyboard and HyperX is actually pretty late to the party. The big question is, "Was it worth the wait?" To find the answer, you'll have to check the review.

HyperX didn’t choose to go subtle with their packaging in the least. You can tell right away that the colour scheme is going to be black, red, black, red…and more black. The sole exception to that is the Cherry MX blue switch that you’ll find hiding under every key. Personally, the blue switches are not my first choice for FPS as the tactile click’s reset can be troublesome when attempting repeated quick taps.

Source: RealHardwareReviews

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