In Win at CES 2017

In Win definitely brought another eye catching display to CES with two of their custom modded cases, the Medieval Metal and the CSAT, that will be put into production for consumers to buy. Both mods started from plain 509 cases and were modded to themes and rules for In Win’s 30th anniversary case mod invitational.

In Win


In Win also came out with their own RGB fan called the Aurora that is fully modular and has 4 RGB LEDs that can each be altered for different colors. These fans can also be daisy chained together which opens the possibility of changing each individual light on each fan to create some interesting lighting effects. On top of that these fans and also be remote controlled with a hand held remote control, which allows you to not only change the light speed, mode, and brightness but also allows you to change the fan speed, turbo mode (on/off), and lock status.

In Win


In Win has also brought lighting effects to their power supplies for those that really like to show off their cases and mods. In Win also brought along a new and really cool looking case called the tou 2.0. Some of the images of this case do not exactly do it justice as it sports tempered glass sides that can act as two-way mirrors. To top it off all the USB and audio I/O ports are located on the front of the case at the bottom while a light control panel is located on the top front of the case.

We took a lot more images over at In Win and you can view them all starting right here. Also, please check out the rest of our CES coverage right here.


How Much Should Project Scorpio Cost?

There are a few analysts that think that Microsoft will win the console war this year as they are pushing hard with their current hardware and with the Project Scorpio being the most powerful console ever built (duh?), it could take them into new territory and give them an edge over Sony. The thing is, this console won't be cheap. Also, there is no way that if it costs $100 or more above the original that it should be considered an Xbox One. At that point, it's a new console - breaking Microsoft's goals of releasing new consoles every 5-8 years. Gamespot editors give their opinions about price.

If Scorpio sells for $400--where Microsoft (likely) sells the system at a loss--people might forgive the current lack of enticing Xbox exclusives due to the perceived value of the hardware compared to PS4 Pro. Microsoft wouldn't be the first manufacturer to subsidize the cost of a new console, and doing so with Scorpio may be the only way it can revive Xbox's competitive edge in light of the current lukewarm game forecast.

Source: Gamespot

Android Malware Infected 2 Million Devices

This is not good news for Android users that can't figure out how to play games. Apparently there are at least 2 million people that needed to download "Game Guides" from the Play Store and 45 specific game guides were infected with Malware. This is a pretty serious malware that can take total control of your Android device and display bogus content and couldn't be deleted. Of course if a user read the permissions before they installed the apps, they'd see that they needed "Admin" permissions. No guide - or app for that matter, should need administrator-level access. Google has pulled the apps from the store and hopefully Tony and Sal will find the developer and take him for a drive.

The app enables hackers to take ‘remote control’ of devices, and can’t be deleted – and has been used to display bogus, illegal adverts in user’s devices, security researchers Check Point say. But the FalseGuide malware could be used to control infected phones as a ‘botnet’ – using them to perform hack attacks against websites and networks.

Source: Metro

AMDs $73 Million Loss is a "Good Quarter"

For AMD, losing money has been a trend for the past few years and with their new graphics hardware that can actually compete with NVIDIA - as well as their Ryzen CPU platform, they had a much better Q1 that they have had for a while. This means that the $73 million loss is actually quite exciting for them and they are hoping to do even better this next quarter. I think they will do pretty good - and hopefully it's enough to put them back in the black.

The AMD boss may not be completely delusional, say analysts. Patrick Moorhead from Moor Insights & Strategy said that Ryzen and the Microsoft win could indeed be the boost AMD needs, albeit not in the immediate future. "Considering Ryzen was only in the market a month in Q1 and with Ryzen 5 ramping hard, I'm expecting an even bigger desktop ASP [average selling price] and revenue improvement in Q2," Moorhead said.

Source: TheRegister

Global PC Gaming Growth Expected for Years

According to Dell, PC Gaming growth is expected for at least another 5 years. They base this hope on several factors including VR adoption as well as eSPORTS. I believe that eSPORTS holds more weight, but then again I'm not a big fan of VR. Either way, we'll likely be seeing more XPS and Alienware systems over the next few years. When we met with Dell at CES this January, they were excited on their gaming products that ranged from quite affordable to very lavish. This outlook is good news for PC makers.

Electronic sports (e-sports) and VR (virtual reality) are main growth drivers for gaming PCs, Wah said, adding gaming is becoming e-sports and this is a global trend. Continual gaming content updates push hardware developers to upgrade the specifications of gaming PCs, Wah indicated. The number of e-sports fans will increases to 145 million in 2017.

Source: Digitimes

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