Nintendo Announces Another Two New 3DS Units

If you're a fan of the Nintendo 3DS platform, you may be a bit excited to know that they are launching a couple of new 3DS units as early as this fall. At this point, you can only buy the massive 3DS XL here in North America and I'm betting that this all-new "compact" model is pretty much the original model that was really a better platform. We will have to wait until later this month to find out all the little details.

"More than 15 million systems in the Nintendo 3DS family have been sold in the U.S. alone," said Scott Moffitt, Nintendo of America's Executive Vice President of Sales & Marketing. "These new models offer additional fun ways to experience some of the great upcoming Nintendo 3DS games launching in the next few months."

Source: BusinessWire

Microsoft Cares (Wants You to Use Edge Only)

Microsoft cares. Microsoft cares about you. They care if you're using Bing and really don't want you using Firefox or Chrome. Edge is a great browser and they want you to use it. With Windows 10, there are the occasional popup that reminds you that 'Microsoft recommends Microsoft Edge for Windows 10'. Of course they do - they care and really, REALLY want you to use Edge and Bing. I guess you can't blame them.

"Microsoft Edge was designed exclusively for Windows 10 with features and functionality that enhance the browsing experience, such as Cortana, Web Note and Quick answers,” a Microsoft spokeswoman told VentureBeat.

Source: TheInquirer

Apple iPhone Liveblog Tomorrow

If you want to see the latest Apple products and services released live, Engadget has posted a link to their Liveblog for the September 9th event. Make sure to check it out and follow long starting at 1pm EST.


Source: Engadget

Samsung to ship 4TB SSDs Early 2016

The SSD is slowly trying to replace mechanical drives, but the size king belongs to the mechanical crowd at this point. Currently, there are no consumer oriented SSDs much larger than 1TB, but Samsung aims to change all that early in 2016 with the launch of their new drives based on 3rd Gen V-NAND. In addition to this massive SSD unit, they will also be releasing 1TB M.2 drives as well.

Among the first uses of 256Gbit 3rd gen V-NAND will be to expand the capacity of Samsung’s current product lineups. The 850 lineup, which Samsung will continue to produce as their leading 2.5” SATA SSD, recently received a boost from 1TB to 2TB. Come next year, Samsung will be transitioning the 850 Pro lineup from 2nd gen to 3rd gen V-NAND, and in the process releasing a 4TB 850 Pro.

Source: AnandTech

New Pebble Smartwatches

Pebble was one of the first smartwatches available but they haven't always been known for the 'sleekest' designs. Pebble has announced they've got a new model which they are calling Time Round and are expecting it to hit stores in early November. The MSRP is going to be $249 USD and battery life is expected to be 2 days (compared to 10 days with the Pebble Time Steel). You can head on over to Pebble's website and reserver your very own.

So light and thin, it’s pretty easy to mistake Pebble Time Round for any other watch. Sure, it’s great at telling time, with an always-on, always readable screen. It just also happens to do lots more.

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