Ubuntu Hits a Werewolf

Ubuntu is probably one of the most consumer-friendly Linux distributions on the market and they have make it up to 15.10 and are calling this release Wily Werewolf. This is a pretty safe upgrade from previous versions of Ubuntu and if you are interested in a free OS, this is probably the one to get. 

The usual suite of Ubuntu applications has been refreshed, most notably LibreOffice that’s now on the LibreOffice 5.x line. Other updated default apps include Firefox, version 41, Empathy, and Chromium updated to version 45.

Source: TheRegister

InFocus Kangaroo is a $99 Windows 10 PC With a Battery

There are a growing number of Windows 10 PCs on the market and they are starting to get pretty decent. The first of these were pretty weak and didn't have a lot of features, but the $99 Kangaroo from InFocus is pretty sweet - especially for $99. Hardware wise, it packs in an Atom x5-Z8500 CPU, Gen8 Intel Graphics, 2GB DDR3, 32GB internal storage as well as supporting MicroSD cards. Security is handled by a fingerprint reader and it has 802.11ac WiFi as well as Bluetooth 4.0.

We've reviewed our fair share of mini PCs and while a majority of these devices offer similar specifications at a fair price, they don't really tend to have defining features that allow them to differentiate themselves amongst the pack. That's where the InFocus Kangaroo mini PC comes into play as it offers expandability and true portability.

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Batman is Broken on PC and Can't Be Fixed

Warner Bros. released Batman: Arkham Knight on PC and consoles this past week and it works just fine on console. PC, on the other hand - is giving them a lot of grief. In fact, it's so bad that WB says they will refund your money - no matter how long you've played it. In addition to this, they say that if you decide to keep play it, the will "...continue to address the issues that we can fix and talk to you about the issues that we cannot fix." That's right. It is so broken that they can't ever - or won't ever fix it. That's a bunch of garbage. Total garbage. I would assume that they would have at least tested it on PC? Apparently that's what you pay $80 for - is to be a beta tester, only to have the PC product scrapped.

Warner Bros. Interactive previously announced that buyers of the PC version of the game would also be able to get all of the previously released titles in the Batman: Arkham series for free until November 16. It's not yet known if those buyers will still receive those free games if they get a refund.

Source: WindowsCentral

World of Warcraft Movie Trailer


AMD Gets Sued for LYING

AMD is under the gun here once again as they have been caught lying about the number of cores in their processors. While some of their more recent processors have been touted as having eight cores, the reality is that there are merely quad-core CPUs with a sort of "hyperthreading" type module beside the other core. The reality is that these modules cannot operate independantly so it is not a core. It allows core-like processing, but still - they were stretching it. This is not what AMD needs right now - negative press about how their chips are only half what they claim. In all fairness, performance for the price is fantastic, but you can't pull the proverbial wool over people's eyes forever.

In fact, the Bulldozer chips functionally have only four cores - not eight, as advertised. Notably, AMD built the Bulldozer processors by stripping away components from two cores and combining what was left to make a single 'module.' But by removing certain components of two cores to make one module, they no longer work independently. As a result, AMD’s Bulldozers suffer from material performance degradation and cannot perform eight instructions simultaneously and independently as claimed.

Source: Neowin

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