Phone Roundup

There are some juicy rumors regarding the next HTC flagship device - the One M9. If the rumors prove to be true, this device could be a getting a super high quality 20MP sensor, a wicked fast Snapdragon 810 processor and a lot more. It sounds like it could really be the phone to wait for. If you can't wait that long, Tuesday, January 20, will be your day to order the OnePlus One without an invite. Head on over to their site for all those details and to order a truly flagship phone at less-than-Nexus5 prices.

Finally if you've ever wanted to see an iPhone 6 make it to space and then plummet back to earth - take a look at the video below. It's not quite as impressive as I'd hoped and the phone didn't burn up during re-entry. Still, pretty awesome footage from over 100,000ft up.


Windows 10 Announcements

Microsoft has of course been teasing Windows 10 for a while now, but this week was their Windows 10 launch event where they were showing off Windows 10 and why you should upgrade to it. The Verge takes a look at 9 of the biggest announcements they made and most of them are what people have been asking for ever since Windows 8 came out....

We got our first look at a bunch of features in Windows 10, which comes out next week for people who signed up for the pre-release. As expected, Microsoft made a strong push toward connecting its devices more seamlessly, part of its universal apps program. Office, Outlook, and other apps all work quite similarly across devices, and Cortana is everywhere, working as a natural-language interface and personal assistant. The big surprise, however, was Microsoft’s foray into virtual reality, with its HoloLens glasses, an ambitious bid to create a system for overlaying holographic images over the real world.

Lizard Squad Claims Facebook, Instagram, Tinder & More

The hacking conglomerate Lizard Squad is trying to make a name for themselves and have claimed responsibility for Facebook, Instagram, Tinder, MySpace, AIM and more outages late Monday evening. I'm not sure what they are trying to prove as they were basically DDoS attacks that required no real skill. The biggest thing is that these are relatively large outages - but still, their goal wasn't to take anything - just to take it down.

It's a short, sharp impact but on wide selection of sites. Indeed, if its is the work of Lizard Squad, the ability to take out such a wide range of sites in one go is worrying. We currently have no more details, but will update if we find out more.

Source: Gizmodo

ADATA @ CES 2013

We had the chance to sit down with ADATA at CES 2013 and check out the latest and greatest from them. ADATA is most famous for their DDR memory, Flash drives, SSD’s and memory cards and over the years we’ve had the chance to take a look at a few of them and have always been happy with the performance and quality. ADATA has a full lineup of SSD and memory products on display. one of which is their lineup of M.2 (NGFF) SSD drives which are designed for things like Ultrabooks where a full 2.5" drive just won't fit.


This year at CES ADATA is showing off a new product, the DashDrive Air. The DashDrive Air is a great portable device that can wirelessly transfer files to and from a SD card to your smartphone (Android or iOS). The DashDrive also has a battery inside which allows you to charge up any USB device. If thats not enough for you, the DashDrive Air can also act as a wireless hotspot and share a wireless connection with up to 8-10 devices (depends on model of DashDrive). The DashDrive Air comes in two models, the AE800 (which features an internal 500GB hard drive instead of having to use SD cards) and the AE400 (which is a bit smaller and uses an SD card for storage). The combination of a power bank, wireless hotspot, and wireless file storage makes this a very interesting product and could make it a great travel accessory.

ADATA DashDrive Air AE400

Check out our CES 2013 gallery for more pictures of ADATA's full lineup of products.

Steam passed Xbox Live

Steam has hit 65 Million active users which now puts them ahead of Xbox Live when it comes to active users and shows a 30% rise for Steam in the past year. This is a very interesting stat as PC gaming has been written off for a few years now, yet Steam has managed to grow anyways. The Verge has all the numbers over here.

Steam now has more than 65 million active accounts. The figure marks a 30 percent rise in players over the last year. The video game digital-download platform also boasts daily peak concurrent users of more than 6 million.

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