Lexus Hoverboard is Here

While the world is all getting excited about the Lexus hoverboard (and it IS cool), the technology has been around for quite a while. It's simply Maglev that uses liquid nitrogen cooled semi-conductors that are combined with a magnetic surface and the result is a device that repels gravity. It is pretty cool.


Deepcool @ CES 2016

If you haven't heard of Deepcool before, after this CES, you will probably be trying to find someone who sells their products here in North America. Deepcool brought some interesting designs to their suite this year. One of such is the Tristellar case and by looks alone one could almost say it was out of a Star Wars movie. The graphics card is contained in the top one of the three "wings", while the PSU is in the lower left "wing" and lastly the ITX motherboard and CPU are housed in the lower right. There is also enough room to stick one of Deepcool’s liquid coolers in the case as well.

The Images will show the Tristellar S white case however this is a special Bill Owen MOD case with only 50 made globally; the normal version of the case comes in black.


The Genome which will be hitting the market later this year is more than just a case, it's an extreme liquid cooling system. The case and liquid cooler are designed to fit seamlessly together all the while bringing some interesting design elements in along the way. The cooling solution is a 360mm radiator with 3 PWM fans, a helix reservoir, and all the while using the new captain design CPU block and pump. Depending on the final price when it hits the market it really could be worth looking at when building a new rig.

To top it all off DeepCool was demonstrating a PSU that was liquid cooled which is something not too many people have worked on. Who knows if it will become a mainstream item or not, but it's always cool to seem something new and different.

Liquid Cooled PUS

Please be sure to check out more image in our CES gallery here. Also, take a look at the Deepcool website to find our more about these products.

Gamers Rejoice as Frameraters Lifted in WIndows 10

Windows 10's Universal Windows Platform games have had some issues with framerate caps. Microsoft capped the FPS at 60 and this made a lot of gamers cranky as some of these "Universal Windows Platform" games really crippled AMD's Freesync and NVIDIA's G-Sync. Thankfully Microsoft listened and this limit has been lifted.

The additions to the UWP are based on user feedback, from the Store, Feedback Hub and discussion forums like our own. Both of these new features are aimed at making Windows, and UWP a better gaming platform, and both will bring improvements to recently released games like Gears of War:UE and Forza Motorsport 6: Apex. However, users will need for those games to also get their own updates before these new capabilities actually come into play.

Source: Neowin

WTU Episode #357 - Microsoft Makes a Trillion; Literally

We have just posted up Episode #357 of Weekly Tech Update. This week is a head-to-head matchup and we are discussing Spotify versus Apple Music, Call of Duty versus Battlefield and Microsoft verses the world. Check out those and lots more tech stories at the link below.


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Amazon Makes Tablets Great Again

Tablet sales have been pretty flat over the past year, and no matter how hard Apple tries to appeal to customers, not everyone has $600 to spend on a new tablet. There are plenty of "cheap" tablets that are also inexpensive, but there are also some gems that are pretty affordable as well. Amazon is the company that really is pushing the tablet market and they have some really nice tablets for a fantastic price. This has let to a 5,421.7% growth in Amazon's tablet sales.

iPad unit shipments have declined in each of the last nine consecutive quarters, and the iPad is now Apple's fourth-largest segment. In Apple's fiscal year 2014 first quarter, the last time iPad shipments grew on an annual basis, it was Apple's second-largest business -- behind only the iPhone -- and generated almost twice as much revenue as Apple's then third-largest segment, the Mac.

Source: FoxBusiness

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