Pirated Windows 10 Reminds You

If you have a pirated copy of Windows 7 or 8 and you decide to take Microsoft up on the free offer to upgrade to Windows 10, you'll be gently reminded with a watermark on your desktop that this is not a genuine copy. Of course you'll be able to install the OS and receive updates (at first), but nothing is completely free. There still is no word as to what it will cost users that have to shell out money for a license, but hopefully Microsoft takes the Apple approach and makes it affordable for everyone.

The announcement comes after Myerson confused the tech world a few months ago by declaring that pirated versions of Windows could partake in Microsoft's free upgrade offer for Windows 10. It turns out that's not exactly true: The company later said that non-genuine installations would have to go through the Windows Store to upgrade to Windows 10, which was a strong hint that it would make pirates pay.

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ASUS ZenFone 2 Coming

There are a lot of on-contract options for cellular phones that end up being heavily subsidized in order to make them affordable. Still, I have a hard time throwing down $400+ with a 2-year contract for a wireless device. For that kind of money, I want something with no contract, expandable storage that is not locked down to a specific network. I guess what I really want is one of these new ZenFone 2 devices from ASUS. This beast packs an Intel Quad Core CPU, 2GB of RAM and a couple of decent front and rear cameras. Time will tell if it holds up, but it looks pretty solid.

Pricing on the USA version of the ASUS ZenFone 2 is revealed in an set of unlocked editions coming exclusively to Amazon. No carriers have been named thus far - the phone (large version and small version) will be coming to Amazon unlocked, available for users to add a SIM card to depending on the carrier they're already signed up with. Or want to switch to. The larger phone will compete with the iPhone 6 Plus and the Samsung Galaxy Note series with a display size of 5.5-inches.

ZenFone 2

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Source: SlashGear

ADATA @ CES 2013

We had the chance to sit down with ADATA at CES 2013 and check out the latest and greatest from them. ADATA is most famous for their DDR memory, Flash drives, SSD’s and memory cards and over the years we’ve had the chance to take a look at a few of them and have always been happy with the performance and quality. ADATA has a full lineup of SSD and memory products on display. one of which is their lineup of M.2 (NGFF) SSD drives which are designed for things like Ultrabooks where a full 2.5" drive just won't fit.


This year at CES ADATA is showing off a new product, the DashDrive Air. The DashDrive Air is a great portable device that can wirelessly transfer files to and from a SD card to your smartphone (Android or iOS). The DashDrive also has a battery inside which allows you to charge up any USB device. If thats not enough for you, the DashDrive Air can also act as a wireless hotspot and share a wireless connection with up to 8-10 devices (depends on model of DashDrive). The DashDrive Air comes in two models, the AE800 (which features an internal 500GB hard drive instead of having to use SD cards) and the AE400 (which is a bit smaller and uses an SD card for storage). The combination of a power bank, wireless hotspot, and wireless file storage makes this a very interesting product and could make it a great travel accessory.

ADATA DashDrive Air AE400

Check out our CES 2013 gallery for more pictures of ADATA's full lineup of products.

Sennheiser at CES 2014 (Gamers and DJs Welcome)

We have a look at a few new products from Sennheiser this year at CES. They just launched a couple of new gaming headphones - including a closed style as well as some great new DJ headphones. Take a look at our interview for more info!


Check out more pictures in the gallery here - as well as more of our CES 2014 coverage here.

BlackBerry launches Z3 and Q20

I guess BlackBerry was starting to feel left out with all the new phone announcements so they decided to show off their brand new Q20 and Z3 phones this week. The Q20 has a physical keyboard that many BlackBerry users love and is an upgrade over the previous Q10. The Z3 is a touchscreen smartphone that appears to be aimed at budget consumers around the world as the price tag is rumored to be around $200 bucks off contract. The specs on the Z3 are pretty low but with a price tag of $200 bucks I think people can forgive the lower specs. GSM Arena has all the details on both these new phones.

BlackBerry has announced a new duo of smartphones at the MWC 2014 - the BlackBerry Z3 and the BlackBery Q20.

The BlackBerry Z3 is a full-touch smartphone with a 5" display and runs BlackBerry OS 10.2.1. BlackBerry CEO John Chen says that this is the first phone to come up with the strategic partnership with Foxconn.

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