Cortana or Louise?

Microsoft sometimes misses the boat when it comes to product marketing and naming. They've had a few misses - and a few hits, but with their personal digital assistant they nailed it with Cortana. Until shortly before launch, it had a much different name and almost launched as "Louise", while the name is perfectly acceptable for a grandmother, the reality is that it is pretty dated in this day and age. Thankfully Halo fans won out.

The demo is quite old but we had not seen the videos before and though you might enjoy them too, show Louise running on Windows Phone 7. It's quite easy to see the comparisons between Cortana and Louise and shows how far Microsoft has come with its digital assistant.



LG G Watch vs. Pebble Steel

Like it or not, wearable technology isn't going anywhere for the next little while. You don't have to buy into it of course, but there are some appealing aspects that may entice some users. Pebble is one of the first companies to get into this market successfully, but their first device was pretty ugly. They have launched a much sleeker version and today, that is up against the brand-new LG G Watch based off the Android Wear platform.

Here is a comparison that needs to be done – the infamous Pebble smartwatch, the Pebble Steel in this case, versus the new comer, the Android Wear powered LG G Watch.  How does the ‘old’ world stack up to the ‘new’ world in the smartwatch arena – which one offers the most features and best specifications for the money?  Other than the fact that both watches will tell you the time, these watches are as different as night and day in the specs department.

Source: AndroidHeadlines

Light Night Vision

Up until this point, airforce pilots have not had a convenient way to view in night vision, but now they do. British Aerospace Systems have developed what they have name the Striker II. What this does is eliminate the need for an overweight pair of night vision goggles and replaces it with a night vision camera that projects onto the pilot’s visor, making the whole affair a lot less bulky and weighty. Think of this as Google Glass for fighter pilots.

The Striker II, designed and built by British Aerospace Systems, eliminates the need for cumbersome night-vision goggles (NVGs) which attach to the front of helmets. Instead, the Striker II has a tiny digital camera which turns night into day for pilots and projects an image on to the pilot’s visor in 1280x1060 high-definition resolution, along with other critical information such as speed, weapons and target.

Source: Telegraph

Canada Catches a Break

As far as media goes, Canadians seem to get shafted with the worst or just get everything later than everybody else, but that is about to change! Netflix Canada and Disney have drawn up an arrangement beginning with 2015 theatrically released films so that Netflix Canada members can watch most productions by Disney roughly eight months after their release!

Beginning with 2015 theatrically released feature films, Netflix Canada members can enjoy new titles from Disney Live Action, Walt Disney Animation Studios, Pixar Animation Studios, Marvel Studios, Lucasfilm, Disneynature and DreamWorks Studios. Approximately eight months after titles leave theaters - quicker than has traditionally been the case on premium pay TV - Canadian Netflix subscribers will be able to watch new releases from The Walt Disney Studios in the home and on the go.

Source: NewsWire

Android App Pick - Scrabble

We have just posted up another Android App Pick of the Week and this week we are riding nerdy with Scrabble. We get all intelligent and play a game that will make you think and maybe have you second guessing your buddies words. If you enjoyed the original on an analog board, you'll love the digital version that you can take anywhere. Take a look and you'll see it's worthy of being picked this week.



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