Age of Empires: Castle Siege Free for Windows 8 + WP8

If you want to enjoy some old-school RTS on your Windows phone or Windows 8 machine, you won't have to shell out any money. Microsoft is giving away Age of Empires: Castle Siege as a "Freemium" game. The game will offer in-app purchases to speed up your progress, but if you're patient and are just a casual RTS fan, this game will provide you hours of fun.


Source: AgeOfEmpires

Windows 8.1 Grows

As I mentioned yesterday, Windows 8.1 is gaining market share and taking over some of the old Windows XP machines that have finally been retired. Of course these numbers still pale in comparison to the number of Windows 7 machines that are currently being used. In fact, over half of all desktop and laptop operating systems are Windows 7 according to sources. All together, Windows 8 and Windows 8.1 have just over 13% of the market which is still about triple that of Mac OS X.

For the month of August, Windows 8.1 eked out a 7.09 percent market share based on all the desktop OS traffic seen by Web tracker Net Applications. That number was up slightly from 6.56 percent in July, 6.61 percent in June, and 6.35 percent in May. Still in use among many people, Windows 8 scored 6.28 percent of the market last month.

Source: CNET

Coin Meets Dry Ice

As much as I love technology, this is pretty low-tech and yet it's super cool (pun intended). Take a look at what happens when a coin meets dry ice.


HGST Announces 10TB HDD

Just when we finished getting excited about 6TB Hard Drives, 8TB drives come along and steal the show. They are already taking a back seat as we see that 10TB units are already being sampled by HGST today. They are combining some sorcery with some wizardry and have mixed the two to create a small black hole that compressed quantum matter in order to pull out neutron dark matter and build this drive...or something like that. It's pretty awesome and there are some actual details at the link below.

HGST achieves unprecedented capacity leadership by utilizing two complementary technologies:  HelioSealTM technology and host-managed Shingled Magnetic Recording (SMR).  Combining these two technologies allows HGST to achieve the lowest $/TB and watts/TB of any large capacity rotational drive.

Source: TheSSDReview

TiVo Mega

As hard drive capacities grow larger and larger, TiVo has come out with their latest PVR that will ensure you won't have to delete anything. The TiVo Mega will feature 24TB of storage (yes, you read that right, Terabyte!) and will allow you to record up to 6 channels at a time and should give you enough storage for 26,000 hours of standard def video. Unforunately the TiVo Mega doesn't come out until early 2015 and carries a $5,000 price tag, but other than that this is the ideal PVR if you are a hoarder. The WSJ has more details.

The Mega DVR is less of a set-top box and more of a personal server farm for your videos. It’s got 24 terabytes of hard-drive space, which TiVo says can hold more than 26,000 hours of continuous standard-definition video, or at least 4,000 of your favorite “Real Housewives” episodes in glorious high-def. It can record six channels at the same time.

Maybe you’re just crazy enough to plunk down $5,000—which includes the lifetime subscription to TiVo’s service—when the TiVo Mega goes on sale in early 2015. At least you can stash the rack-mountable monster someplace other than directly beneath your super-thin TV: It automatically transcodes video to stream over the Internet to your iOS devices, and you can also access its abundant stash on any HDTV in the house that’s connected to a much smaller $100 TiVo Mini box.

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