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How much should Facebook stock trade for?

The big debate on the Facebook IPO was mainly focused around how much Facebook was really worth. Obviously the $100+ Billion dollar evaluation was pretty optimistic and the big stock plunge was a result, but now the question is being asked, how much is Facebook really worth? Marketwatch takes a look at Facebook and its competition and figures that at this point in time Facebook is worth nowhere near what its being traded at and is valuing it more at $13.80 per share (instead of the $38 dollar price it debuted at).

Rather than endlessly rehashing the events that have taken place over the last week, it is this question that investors should be asking. Surprisingly, however, few are doing so.

And yet, courtesy of a just-released study, calculating a fair price for Facebook’s stock isn’t as difficult as it might otherwise seem.

Maybe they are onto something, at time of posting on Friday, Facebook's stock was down 3.6% already....