Pro Termal 81 Thermal Paste

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Pro Termal 81 Thermal Paste
Testing and Final Conclusion

Product: Pro-Termal 81
Provided By: Pro-Termal
Price: $16USD / 2ml - $150USD / 10ml



A while back a company based in Romania asked us if we would like to take a look at some new thermal paste they are offering, the Pro Termal 81 thermal paste. A couple weeks later a couple tubes showed up on my doorstep, and we've put it up against other brands we've tested in the past to see how it would compare. I'd never heard of Pro Termal, which could be in part due to this product not being available in North America, however even with a Google search not much information was available on the company or product, so some of the detailed information on this product will be missing.

Please note that all the links to this product are going through Google Translate, so some of the spellings might be a little off and some of the picture links do not work. You can view the company website in Romanian over here.


First Impressions:

Well the Pro Termal 81 didn't come in any fancy packaging, or any packaging at all for that means, I'm unsure how the final retail packaging ships, but our samples were sent in a cardboard box with 2 tubes inside.

front .jpg
Pro Termal 81 - Front

back .jpg
Pro Termal 81 - Back

open .jpg
Pro Termal 81 Thermal Paste


The Pro Termal 81 seems to be a little runnier when compared to other pastes, which is probably why they boast that it is easy to remove.

Let's move onto the next section and see what the Pro Termal 81 is all about.

Pro Termal 81 Thermal Paste Specifications:

Not many detailed specifications are available from the Pro Termal website, however I will pass along the pricing of this product:

  • 2 ml syringe, containing a paste CML: 16 RON (Approx. 5.65 USD @ Rate of 1 USD = 2.83 RON)
  • 10 ml syringe containing 10 CML of pasta: 150 RON (Approx. 53.00 USD @ Rate of 1 USD = 2.83 RON)
  • 20 ml syringe containing 20 CML of pasta: 300 RON (Approx. 106.00 USD @ Rate of 1 USD = 2.83 RON)


You can check out their website for some more pictures on this product, however there isn't much information on the detailed specifications.