NZXT Sentry Mix Fan Controller - Specs, Testing and More

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NZXT Sentry Mix Fan Controller
Specs, Testing and More
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Features & Specifications:


  • Slider controls with matte rubber finish for a bold look
  • 50W per channel power to your fans
  • 6 channels for absolute airflow control
  • Comes with 5 LED colors for you to choose and save

LED Illuminated Fan Controller With Six 50W Channels
Boldly crafted for maximum power and control, the NZXT Sentry Mix Fan Controller takes its inspired construction from sound mixers that command the blast of rock concerts. Each of the six 50W channels will power any enthusiast PC fan. Simply slide and customize airflow with your fingertips. 








Plastic & Rubber



Fan Channels







Min 40%




Box Specs
Box Specs

Installation & Testing:

Installation of the Sentry Mix was pretty straight forward.  I installed it in my Cooler Master HAF-932 case.  With the tool-less bays, installation was very easy.  I just picked a 5.25” bay and slid the fan controller in.  I also added mounting hardware to the opposite side of my tool-less bay for added stability.

Hooking the fans up to the controller was also very simple. All the output fan wires are 22 inches long, which is great for routing in my extra large case. You can plug up to six 3-pin fans into this fan controller.  Once that is done, you hook up the two 4-pin (molex) connectors to supply the power and you’re good to go.  Total installation time was about ten minutes.

Once powered up, the Sentry Mix’s LEDs came on and all fans were running. After adjusting all the fan speeds with the sliders I had my system cooling just the way I like it. As an added bonus, the Sentry Mix has five different LED colors that are easy to select by way of a small button on the face of the controller. It allows you to choose red, green, blue, orange, and white. The red LED looked nice with my case and matched my front fan so I went with that.

Installed Installed