Logitech Laser Mouse

DriverHeaven posts up either a review or a photo gallery of the new Logitech Cordless MX1000 Laser Mouse.  This unit packs 5.8 Megapixel per second processing with an 800dpi sensor.  It has pretty much the same capability as the MX510, but it's cordless to boot.  Take a look and decide if this is a photogallery or a review.

"I tested the mouse in quite a few games on the surfaces above ranging from first person shooters like Farcry to older strategy games like Command and Conquer Generals. Unbelievably I found the Allsop optical mat above caused some very occasional tracking issues with the MX1000 whereas the MX510 performed flawlessly. I spent considerable time with this and tested the receiver at various distances to ensure nothing else could be at the heart of this problem. I had better results using a normal table surface."