One Bad Apple...

It seems that the government of the USA is suing Apple.  I'm sure that this will make a few more lawyers even richer, but the issue on the table is that Apple has been price-fixing eBooks.  This was obvious from the launch and I'm glad someone is taking action.  I'm surprised that the government of a country is the one stepping up.  ABC News has more.

Also on the wrotten Apple side of things is their failure to patch security holes and the fact that they were caught trying to take down the security firm that let the world know that there was a hole is OSX.  The same flaw was found in Windows - but Microsoft patched it - six weeks ago.  Nicely done Apple.  It's always awesome when you willingly let your customers be part of a zombie network.  More at TheRegister.

Apple went out of its way to make life difficult for the Russian security firm that first alerted the world to the spread of the now infamous Flashback Trojan on Mac computers, it has emerged. However the fruitbite-branded firm has now pledged to resolve the problem, well after security firms - and Microsoft - had acted.