CM Storm QuickFire TK Mechanical Gaming Keyboard - Installation and Testing

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CM Storm QuickFire TK Mechanical Gaming Keyboard
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Installation and Testing


The installation involved simply plugging it into a usb port and waiting for maybe a minute for Windows to set it up. There is no software for this device.


Keyboard ProfileTesting:

Now testing the QuickFire TK was fun.  It performed extremely well for both gaming and typing. The key placement on this guy seems a little tight when you first use it, but it doesn’t take long to grow to appreciate this when you start playing a game.  Having everything compact on this keyboard is handy but it is noticeable for a little while.

When you look at and handle the QuickFireTK keyboard, you get the feeling that this is a heavy duty, quality product - something you don’t find in your average keyboard. The keys on it are big keys not the little flat ones found on laptops and other super-flat keyboards.  When you press these keys you don’t feel like you might break it by simply applying too much pressure.  That being said, you certainly don’t have to hammer the keys to get things to show up.  In fact, you can give the keys a gentle push and they will register.  This is nice for those of us with uneven typing pressure.

As for the function keys, I found that they were a nice perk at are very useful.  I was pleased overall with the backlight even though it had only one color.  The one thing that you notice is that the windows lock button and the FN-lock key doesn't change brightness - instead they stay at the highest level.  My one other small complaint on the backlight was that since the “2”, “0”, “00” and “.” keys are shared with the arrow keys that only the arrows light up not the numbers.  If it was possible to change that, it would be nice but in the end it does not affect the quality of this tank of a keyboard.


Another thing that shows that this keyboard is a quality product is the cord.  This nylon-covered product can be routed through the front or either side of the device making it more desirable no matter the desk setup you currently have.  The cord unplugs from the board for easier transport and this makes it a good choice for you if you take your keyboard with you often.

Rubber FootThe legs on the bottom of the device hold up very well and the anti-slip feet are a nice touch. They snap in place very well and seem to be made of thick plastic.  Even though it feels pretty stout - it doesn’t seem to be made of as good a quality material as the rest of the keyboard.  I tested the NKRO up to 8 buttons and it worked fine - so I can't complain about that.

The last negative thing I have to say is that to engage the NKRO or 6NKRO I was given no instruction on how to accomplish with the TK.  Instead I found it on the company's website.  Keep in mind that we are reviewing a non-retail sample.  Hopefully the retail samples will have all of that information in the box.

On the last page we'll wrap up our final thoughts on this product in the conclusion.