SteelSeries @ CES 2013

Day one of CES 2013 in Las Vegas Nevada was madness and we kicked it off with a busy start! This morning BCCHardware was able to meet up with Steel Series to see what they had to show and what they’re working on for the future of tech and gaming enthusiasts. They had a couple of products to show and talk about at their suite such as the Apex and Apex [Raw] keyboards, as well as two new audio products. Steel Series is typically a gaming company that appeals to the gamers. The Apex and Apex [Raw] are gaming keyboards that can be customized to what you want and or how you want to play your game.

SteelSeries Apex
SteelSeries Apex

Layer Switches


Just like the Sensei Mouse that is customizable in many ways, the keyboards are customizable to what you want.  The Apex can produce 16.7 Million different colors and the Apex [Raw] is simply white. All in all, you can tweak a mere 504 keys (thanks to four layers) that can be re-assigned and mapped. One of the keyboards has five zone lighting and the other has two zones for lighting keys. SteelSeries also talked a bit about two pairs of earphones they are working on. Both are tangle free design and are great sounding headphones that won’t feel cheap to your ears!