Maybe Tim Cook should stop speaking...

On Wednesday Tim Cook (Apple CEO) spoke for the 6th time in the last 5 months publically. Why does this matter you ask? Well, unforutnately for Apple stock holders, each of these last 6 times Tim Cook has spoken publically Apple's stock has dropped. To make things even worse, over the last 5 months these drops have added up to be quite significant which has seen Apple's stock drop from the 600+ range to the mid 400 dollar range. I'm sure most Apple stock holders would be very happy if Tim Cook took a vow of silence. Huffington Post has more details.


On Wednesday afternoon, Apple CEO Tim Cook addressed investors and the media at the company's annual shareholders meeting. It was the sixth time in the last five months that Cook has made something like a public appearance; and it is also the sixth time in the past five months that Apple's stock (AAPL) has closed down after Cook appeared.

Consider this: The last six times that Cook has put himself out there, Apple's stock declined afterwards. It's a streak that dates back to October 2012, when Cook introduced the iPad mini, and it is a trend that has gone unbroken for about five months now: When Cook appears, AAPL goes down