Boards and Chip

We've got another exciting edition of Boards and Chip to share with you today!  To start things off we've got the ECS A85F2-A Golden for AMD Socket FM2 APUs over at TechPowerUp and this ECS board actually packs in quite a few features to make this edition "Golden".  Take a look if you're on the road to build yourself an AMD system.

Still talking motherboards, but jumping this time to the Intel side of things, TweakTown has the Gigabyte X79S-UP5-WiFi on their bench.  This is the big dog with a lot of big options and it comes with a big price tag.  If you have the bank to make this happen, you won't be disappointed.  Quad-channel memory is always cool.

Ivy Bridge

If you're looking for a new chip to plug to plug into your favorite LGA1155 motherboard TechPowerUp has a look at the Core i5-3570K vs the i7-3770K and finds out just how much extra performance you get for all of your extra money.  This deserves some time on the front page as they do a great job breaking this all down.