Samsung Series 5 Ultrabook NP540U3C-A01 - Testing - Benchmarks

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Testing - Benchmarks:






SuperPi is a great benchmark to show off CPU performance as it calculates Pi to 1 Million places. In this set of tests we will compare it up against the Samsung R580 laptop as well as the older MSI GX500. 



Surprisingly the Samsung R580 was able to come out on top running the Intel i5-430m CPU. In later testing we will see the R580 was able to top the Series 5 Ultrabook in a few other tests that were CPU heavy.

PMCore 1.5

PMCore is a benchmark which uses the CPU to do match calculations and really takes advantage of multi-core CPUs. 




3DMark06 is getting to be a bit older of a benchmark, but it is a good example to show how a new Ultrabook compares to older notebooks that we've looked at in the past. I put the NP540U3C up against the Samsung R580 notebook that we reviewed a while back, as well as the Alienware M17-R1 Gaming laptop.



Ok, so unsurprisingly the gaming laptop from Alienware comes out on top in a gaming benchmark. As far as the Samsung Series 5 Ultrabook goes though, the gaming performance was actually pretty decent and was easily able to outperform the R580 notebook. 

For comparison sake, the Samsung R580 was running the Nvidia GeForce 310M GPU and the Series 5 is running the Intel HD 4000 GPU. 


Futuremark has just released a new version of 3DMark and we've used it to test out the NP540U3C. Unfortunately as this is a new benchmark we don't have anything to compare it to, but as time goes on and we look at more and more Ultrabooks we'll have something to compare these numbers with.




PCMark 7

Last, but not least, we've got PCMark7.

PCMark measures total system performance and gives a final score. I was going to chart this but once again, this is a relatively new benchmark and I don't have any data to compare it up against. So here we go:

PCMark 7 Score: 4298


Benchmarking Conclusion

Now that we've taken a look at a few benchmarks we can see that the Series 5 is pretty decent in terms of performance. We didn't see anything mind-blowing, but for a ~$1000 dollar laptop we weren't expecting record results.

As far as overall system performance goes, I was happy with the results.

As far as gaming results, I'd say this unit is fair and should be able to play older games with no issues, just don't expect FarCry 3 to run at high settings.

That concludes the testing portion of this review, in the next (and last) section we will provide our final thoughts and award the Series 5 a final score.