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Samsung ATIV 500T Testing - Features:

I'm going to break this first section of testing down into a few different categories where I go over individual components of this system.



The Intel Atom Z2760 isn’t the fastest CPU on the block (Samsung does offer a version of the ATIV with an Intel i5 CPU), but for everyday desktop apps the Atom CPU is good enough. If you are hoping it will keep up with your laptop in terms of performance, you will be disappointed (as you will see in the next section of this review in our benchmark section).


Hard Drive:

The ATIV 500T features a 64GB Sandisk SSD. After formatting and all the space reserved by the system you’ll end up with around 51.4GB of usable capacity. After Windows installation you’ll end up with about ~38 GB of usable space, which isn’t anything too impressive and might become an issue for some people. For the price of this unit (~$650 CDN), you can’t be too upset about the lack of hard drive space, but the lack of space could be a problem for the person who would like to use this device to replace their existing laptop. Luckily there is a MicroSD slot as well as USB ports which allow you to add additional storage if you need it.


The ATIV features on the tablet itself, 1 USB 2.0 port, 1 MicroSD card slot, 1 mini-HDMI port, and 1 Headphone/Mic jack. Once docked into the keyboard, you’ll gain an extra 2 USB 2.0 ports. 3 USB ports in total should be enough for most users and is a nice feature to have when compared to other tablets.

It would be nice to have at least 1 USB 3.0 port, but for most “tablet” users this probably isn’t a deal breaker.


I was pretty happy with the dock that comes with the ATIV 500T. The keyboard is comparable to other Samsung laptops and has a nice feel to it. The dock feels solid and the latch that holds the tablet into the dock seems like it is decent enough to take a little abuse (I would obviously recommend against dropping the entire unit if possible). Once docked, the entire assembly functions just like a laptop and hinges closed like a regular laptop would.

I always pay extra attention to the hinges on any laptop and while the ATIV might not have the best hinging action I’ve ever seen, I think it is adequate for a machine in this price range.

One major complaint I have with the ATIV 500T is how far the screen hinges when open. If you have the ATIV on your desk you won’t have an issue, but if you set this system on your lap and want to tilt the screen open a bit more you won’t be able to. This is a bit annoying and for some people might be a deal breaker.



The touchscreen works well, I really don’t have any complaints as far as responsiveness goes. The resolution (1366x768) leaves a little to be desired, but for ~$650 bucks (including dock) I can’t be too critical as it is one of the cheaper tablet/dock combos out there.



The sound on the ATIV 500T is amazingly decent. Like with any laptop or tablet, we aren’t expecting high-end sound or anything, but the ATIV’s speakers are more than adequate and you can easily listen to music or a movie without any issues.


Battery life on the ATIV 500T is actually pretty impressive. Watching movies you should be able to get around 5 hours of life out of this unit, which is pretty decent. Obviously the more you use desktop applications the worse the battery life gets, but in most cases you should get around 5 hours of life quite easily and if you are just doing light web usage you could probably expect much more than that and I'd think 7-8 hours could be achievable, which is great for mobile usage.



As far as hardware goes, the ATIV 500T is pretty standard when it comes to mobile units. The raw power of the ATIV 500T isn't going to blow anyone away, but for everyday tasks is more than adequate. Basically I would compare the ATIV 500T to a netbook, enough power to get most tasks done, but obviously lacking if you are hoping to run intensive programs.

In the next section we'll put the ATIV 500T up against some other systems we've reviewed in the past to see how it stacks up.