Rosewill RGB80 Mechanical Keyboard - Installation and Testing

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Rosewill RGB80 Mechanical Keyboard
Installation and Testing
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When it comes to installing things, things couldn’t be much simpler. It was quick and easy to install, and even though I’m a nerdy girl, anyone can install this keyboard. Physical installation is as simple as plugging it in, but you’ll have to head on to the Rosewill site and download the drivers if you want to be able to set up macros and adjust the colors on your keyboard.

Cable Channel

Removable Cable

USB Cable



The keyboard includes a software CD, but it's always best to make sure you're running the latest version of the drivers and software.

Macro Programming

Macro Programming



At BCCHardware, we work hard and play harder – in this case, we test hard. We haven’t figured out a way to do “performance” charts in a keyboard review, but we will share our experience. As I mentioned earlier, I was excited to give this keyboard a try and play around with a mechanical keyboard. I’ve never used one before – nor have I played around with a keyboard that has quite so many color options.


When I type it reminds me of digging around in a bin of Lego as the mechanical switches are not quiet at all. This is pretty much the same as any other CherryMX Blue keyboard though. The keyboard lights up to any set of colors that you choose during customization in the software. You can set it almost any color of your choice. If you want just one color, you can pick one. If you want it to cycle through colors, you can do that as well. The keyboard will fade in and out as it’s switching between colors, and this gives it a feeling that it is “breathing” and quite frankly, it looks pretty cool. You can change the brightness level from off, really dim, and “where did I put my sunglasses”.


To chance the brightness, you press the “FN” (function) button on the keyboard while you press either the up and down arrow keys. The “FN” key also allows you to use the multimedia, profile, Gamer/PC, and rollover modes. I love the fact that the RGB80 can disable the Windows Key. Occasionally, I have gaming moments that are so intense that I scramble for the last kill or the game winning move and then suddenly – Desktop. If you hit the “FN” key while tapping “Pause / Break”, you’ll kill the Windows key so you can kill your enemy instead of your monitor in frustration.


RGB80 Side




Like most gaming keyboards on the market, the RBG80 comes with a program that lets you program macros as well as change the lighting effects of the keyboard. You can’t make macros on-the-fly as we saw with some other keyboards, you’ll have to set these up on your desktop. The macro program is easy to use and has a very simple and effective layout. When setting up a macro, you see the keyboard layout in the software and then you pick which keys you want to set up. Click on the macro button, record and save. It’s that simple.

Macro Settings

Macro Settings

Titanfall Melee

Titanfall Melee


The keyboard claims to be anti-ghosting and responsive. I’ve been “testing” it out on Titanfall and of course Call of Duty: Ghosts as well as a few others and it seems to be fairly responsive for the most part. I do have on issue with the keyboard though and we’ll talk about that later.

When it comes to standard typing, it takes a bit to get used to as the keys sit much higher than my other keyboard and the keystrokes are longer. It reminds me of the keyboards we have back in school. The keys themselves are actually removable and the RGB80 comes with a key removal tool that allows you to change up the keys and replace them with some clear keys for your WASD and Arrow keys as well. If you like pranking people, I’m sure you could have fun with this as well. Not only can you customize the keyboard in software by way of macros, you can also physically customize the keys as well.


Keys and Puller


When I did get the product I thought that I would be able to change different parts of the keyboard to different colors at the same time, but I soon realized that I was mistaken and this graphic was meant to show that you can change the keyboard to be a bunch of different colors – but not at the same time. I do like the smaller “tenkeyless” design and it fits well on my table. The sheer heft of it surprised me though and I guess I expected it to feel light as it is smaller than my previous keyboard.

The downside to this keyboard is that our sample blinks randomly every now and then. I’m not exactly sure if this is a glitch or a “feature” but when it blinks the keyboard doesn’t respond for about a second. It feels like there is a sticky key and I’ve tried various modes of rollover, but no matter what I do, the issue periodically pops up. It seems to happen more when you’re game and this is a big deal. It seems to be tied to the lighting though as it doesn’t glitch when the LED backlights are off, but what's the fun of that if you can’t experience the lights too?

On the last page, we'll wrap things up with our final thoughts.