YotaPhone 2 Dual-Screen Phone now $119.99

If you've wanted one of the YotaPhone 2 devices ever since they came out (as Jason and I have), you may be excited to know that you can now pick one up for as little as $119.99. While the hardware is a little dated, having a device with an dual-screen (one e-Ink, one LCD) is pretty sweet and the week of battery life is pretty incredible. This just may end up being my backup phone and mobile device for holidays, as I can read everything Kindle on one side, without sacrificing battery life.

Nothing to write home about as we approach the end of 2016, but it is still a pretty good phone… especially at only $119.99. Not to mention it is still one of the most interesting Android handsets the industry has seen. It will be fun playing around with and will guarantee great conversations, as well as looks.

Source: AndroidAuthority