AMD May License Radeon Graphics to Intel

The latest rumor to hit our inbox this week is that AMD may be planning on licensing their Radeon technology to Intel. This is a bit of a mixed bag as far as business sense goes. AMD integrated graphics are far more powerful that anything Intel offers, but Intel currently has faster CPUs, while AMD wins in the performance-to-cost category. One thing they really have going for them is their graphics, but Intel wants in badly and it would be good for AMD to make a sale. I'm not sure how I feel about this rumor - but remember, it's just that - a rumor.

The second scenario would be that in addition to patent coverage, Intel would use Radeon graphics technology and integrated it into Intel PC processors. The second scenario is far more complex and disruptive. It would make Intel reliant on its biggest PC competitor for a key technology. This would be an unprecedented move by Intel.

Source: Forbes