Google to Discontinue Google Now Launcher

One of the best parts about an Android phone is the Google Now Launcher and it seems that Google is debating on pulling the App from the Play Store. A while back Google killed the ability that Hangouts had where you could merge SMS and Hangouts conversations into a single thread - another fantastic feature. I'm not sure why they insist on castrating their platform with these changes, but I'm sure that overall, they can't compete with other launchers such as the Nova launcher.

That means OEMs can slap the Google Now panel on whatever launcher they want. Some device makers have been shipping with GNL, including Motorola and Nexus devices. Google says they can just grab Launcher3 from AOSP and add the search services, or build a new launcher. It's unclear what, if anything, Google will do for Nexus devices.

Source: AndroidPolice