Early Version of Windows 10 Cloud Leaks

The rumors have been confirmed that Microsoft is working in a Windows 10 Cloud platform as they now have an early build that has leaked online. Before you get too excited, it appears that this is more of a Windows RT style of OS rather than full-on Windows 10. Once installed, the Microsoft store works to install programs, but regular 32-bit programs will not run. That breaths of future failure if it's a proprietary OS. It looks like Microsoft hasn't learned anything from the Windows RT failure.

An early version of Windows 10 Cloud has been leaked online which gives us a tiny glimpse at what Microsoft is cooking up at Redmond. An ISO of a Windows 10 Cloud build was leaked by Twitter user @adguard, which you can actually install today. Needless to say, we wouldn’t recommend installing it on an actual machine, so make sure to install it on a virtual machine instead.

Source: MSPowerUser