Hands On With Microsoft's Windows 10 Cloud

There has been a rogue ISO of Windows 10 Cloud floating around the web and people have been playing with it and installing it on some current hardware. Their goal is to be as nosey as possible and see what Microsoft has in store with their ChromeOS competitor. The reality is that this is super early and the product hasn't even been officially announced. Take all you see and read below with a spoonful of salf.

When we went hands on with the new build, we did found two things that are notably missing: OneDrive and PowerShell. There is no OneDrive integration with the File Explorer, so your only option at this time is the UWP app. PowerShell scripts don't work either; however, this seems like something that might change in the future, as the option to "Run with PowerShell" still shows up.

Source: Neowin