Chrome Adds Bluetooth API to Browser

Google has done some great things with their Chrome browser, but then they come along with version 56 and pull off a stunt like adding a Bluetooth API that allows a web page to communicate directly with a Bluetooth device. While that all seems good and fine, Bluetooth security is less that adequate and now a script running on a web page could actually access and control a connected Bluetooth device such as mouse, keyboard, phone contacts and more. I'm not sure why we need this support, but Google tries to come up with a good explanation.

As pointed out to The Register last year by privacy researcher Lukasz Olejnik, the API makes it possible for site owners like Google to gather a huge amount of privacy-intrusive information from your nearby electronics. The Bluetooth Web API community would have trouble denying this, since its first example code is for retrieving data from a heart rate monitor.

Source: TheRegister