Google Play to clean up Play Store

Starting next month is appears that Google is going to be cleaning up the Play Store for Android by deleting a whole slug of Apps that don't meet their data security standards and could see hundreds of thousands of apps go missing. This is of course a good thing as many apps require access to things that they don't need as well as it will eliminate the unattended apps that developers have abandoned. March 15th is the date the deleting will be beginning so don't be too surprised to see an app or two you've been using will be MIA. SlashGear has the full story.

Beginning next month, the number of apps offered through the Google Play Store may thin out a bit. Google has been sending out emails to developers alerting them to what is likely an incoming purge, and telling them what they can do to avoid it. Apparently, Google isn’t too fond of the fact that a number of apps require sensitive permissions from users, but don’t provide a privacy policy to explain why the apps need those permissions.