Android Messages

Google Messenger is no more thanks to a rebranding that started yesterday to rename it Android Messages. Seems like there are a couple reasons why this change happened, mainly to avoid confusion with Facebook Messenger as well as giving it a more generic name so that 3rd party companies are more willing to use it on their phones. The change is rolling out as well speak so if you see your Google Messenger disappear you'll know why. AndroidHeadlines has more on the story.

The Google Messenger messaging app has now been renamed to “Android Messages.” The change was introduced through a client-side update that started rolling out on Thursday and should already be available for download from the Google Play Store in all parts of the world. The company’s decision to change the name of its messaging app was likely prompted by several different reasons. For starters, Google recently started pushing for a deeper integration of the app into the Android operating system, meaning it makes more sense for the app to bear the Android branding. Furthermore, it’s possible that some users were confusing Google Messenger with Facebook’s Messenger, and renaming the app to Android Messages solves that issue. While the Google Play Store listing refers to the app as “Android Messages,” the actual app will only appear as “Messages” in your app drawer once you install it.