How "Game Mode" Works on Windows 10

Microsoft has announced that they will be bringing "Game Mode" to Windows 10 and they've now outlined how it will work. It's pretty simple as they are essentially giving priority to games instead of having them run as just another process and service. This looks like it will still only work with games purchased through the Windows Store and really is quite anti-competitive. With hardware as powerful as it is, it may not be necessary, but if you have aging hardware, it could be the difference that makes the game run smoothly.

On the CPU side, Game Mode allocates a majority of the CPU's cores to be devoted exclusively to the target game, so an eight-core system might get six gaming-dedicated cores when running in Game Mode (depending on what other processes are running). The system then moves threads devoted to other processes off of those gaming-focused cores, reducing thread contention among the various gaming process threads and improving performance.

Source: ArsTechnica