Facebook to launch GoFundMe clone

Facebook will soon be launching a "personal fundraiser" option which will be roughly the same idea as GoFundMe and other crowdsourcing platforms. Now instead of having to use a third party to raise money you can harass your Facebook friends directly through Facebook. The whole crowdsourcing market isn't as popular as it once was but this will be another option if you want to try to raise funds. The Verge has more on this new Facebook feature.

Facebook will soon begin letting users raise money on behalf of themselves and others, as a way to help cover the cost of events like medical bills, tuition, and crises.

The “personal fundraiser” feature will roll out over the next few weeks to users in the US, only for those age 18 and up. Anyone with access to it will be able to set up a dedicated Facebook page with information about the fundraiser, where they can pick a donation goal and receive money through the site.