Steam Users Like WIndows 10

If you're a gamers, there are a lot of things to like about Windows 10. It works, it's fast and if you upgraded in the first year, it was free. Really, there's not a lot to hate with Windows 10 and gamers have migrated to it in waves. While the overall market share is still lower than Windows 7, according to the latest Steam Hardware Survey it now comprises 51.2% of market share.

Microsoft’s other operating systems such as Windows 7 also a decline in market share — the OS now claims 34.74% of the market, and it experienced a 2.07% decline last month. Interestingly enough, Windows 8.1’s 64-bit saw a 0.03% growth but its 32-bit declined by 0.03% so it’s market share technically didn’t change last month.

Source: MSPowerUser