Android Malware Infected 2 Million Devices

This is not good news for Android users that can't figure out how to play games. Apparently there are at least 2 million people that needed to download "Game Guides" from the Play Store and 45 specific game guides were infected with Malware. This is a pretty serious malware that can take total control of your Android device and display bogus content and couldn't be deleted. Of course if a user read the permissions before they installed the apps, they'd see that they needed "Admin" permissions. No guide - or app for that matter, should need administrator-level access. Google has pulled the apps from the store and hopefully Tony and Sal will find the developer and take him for a drive.

The app enables hackers to take ‘remote control’ of devices, and can’t be deleted – and has been used to display bogus, illegal adverts in user’s devices, security researchers Check Point say. But the FalseGuide malware could be used to control infected phones as a ‘botnet’ – using them to perform hack attacks against websites and networks.

Source: Metro