The Phone is Dead

Microsoft has declared the phone is dead (we just haven't realized it yet) at their launch event for their new Surface products. This maybe is a convenient excuse when they were asked why they didn't have any new phones and how they've dropped the ball on pretty much every Windows Mobile device they've ever produced, but other than that, they still think the end of the phone is near. I will agree with them on the point that it's pointless to make another device like everyone else's, however, if you're going to make bold statements like that I sure how you've got something in the works that is drastically different than what is currently being offered. Neowin has more on the story.

But Microsoft Technical Fellow Alex Kipman, best known for his development of the company's HoloLens headset, went even further, effectively declaring smartphones obsolete. "The phone is already dead," he said. "People just haven't realized it yet."

According to Bloomberg, Kipman believes that phones will go the way of the dinosaur as mixed reality technologies - such as HoloLens - mature, and become more viable as truly portable devices for a broad range of scenarios. And who knows? He may well be proved right, although it will surely take a while before that potential future can be realized.