Why Netflix is winning the piracy wars

Netflix made headlines a few weeks ago when a hacker was able to get a new season of one of Netflix's exclusive series and was trying to blackmail Netflix. Netflix of course declined and in the end it doesn't seem like not paying will really affect Netflix's bottom line at all even though the hackers did release the content via bittorrent. A couple years back this would have probably been a bigger deal, however, now people didn't really care and a large majority are more than happy to wait until it hits Netflix officially. Bloomberg takes a look as to why piracy is declining and why Netflix is a major reason why.

A hacker who has unsuccessfully tried to hold Netflix for ransom has achieved an unexpected result: His failure shows that subscription-based business models in content distribution is making piracy pointless. Intellectual property owners' slowness in adopting these models is the only reason content is still being pirated.