75% of IoT Projects Fail

The Internet of Things is becoming more like the InterNOT of Things. It's a great idea to have things connected, but there are some hurdles that make it hard to compete in this huge market. First, the market is huge. Second, there are a lot of security issues. Third, there is always a compatibility issue making sure that things require the same software so that the products are fragmented and that they stay compatible with each other.

As many as three-quarters of IoT projects are a flop, according to Cisco. But rather than having fewer crappy connected devices, Switchzilla reckons what's needed is a better IoT architecture. If only someone could help... Some 60 per cent of IoT projects stall at the proof of concept stage, with just 26 per cent going on to be be viewed as a complete success, according to a survey of 1,845 IT bods by the biz.

Source: TheRegister