Apple offers cash to switch to iPhone

Apple is switching to a new approach to get you to switch from Android to iPhone, they'll now pay you cash to make the switch. In an attempt to take some market share away from Android, Apple will give you up to $260 dollars worth of cash incentives if you trade your Android in on a new iPhone. Not sure what areas will see this incentive right now, but it's a complete opposite approach to how Apple has been competing with Android in the past. NewDaily has the story.

Apple is offering smartphone users a $260 bonus in a bid to poach Android customers, as it attempts to muscle in on Google’s dominant market share.

The iPhone giant launched the Switch website on Tuesday, to convince users to ditch their Google devices with a series of videos and lavish statements to outline the iPhone’s superiority.

It even offers users cash incentives ranging up to $260 to trade in their existing smartphone to be used as a credit towards a new iPhone.