Microsoft Working on Windows Mobile Reboot

Microsoft has all but given up on the Windows Mobile platform as their hardware partners have all but dried up. The software was very good overall, and the experience - other than lack of app support - was solid. That being said, Microsoft seems to think that the problem was with the software - not the support. The proof is that they are working on a Windows Mobile reboot instead of supporting what they have already sold. This is classic Microsoft and while the platform is actually quite capable, I wouldn't buy one of their mobile devices at this point as they are sure to leave you hanging within a year.

Many have speculated that Microsoft would position Windows 10 on ARM as a successor to Windows 10 Mobile. This is unlikely as Windows 10 on ARM (the version being discussed here anyway) is merely an iteration of Windows 10 Pro to provide an opportunity for Qualcomm-powered Laptops and Windows Convertibles to light up new mobility experiences as we can see in the LTE-capable Surface Pro. It is more likely that this unnamed new branch of Windows Mobile is where Microsoft is actively testing possible future iterations of Windows Mobile.

Source: MSPowerUser