Google plans Chrome ad-blocker for 2018

Google is going to be adding an ad blocker in 2018 to their Chrome web browser in 2018 and is telling publishers to get ready.

This is great news right?

But wait a minute, doesn't Google make a ton of money serving up ads and if they block them they'll be losing money?

Ok, maybe it isn't so much a blocker as a filter which will take out annoying ads and only show you the good ones...

Sorry to get you all excited, I guess it'll be better than nothing, but from the sounds of it this won't kill the adblockers that are already out there. The Verge has more on this story.

Google will introduce an ad blocker to Chrome early next year and is telling publishers to get ready.

The warning is meant to let websites assess their ads and strip any particularly disruptive ones from their pages. That’s because Chrome’s ad blocker won’t block all ads from the web. Instead, it’ll only block ads on pages that are determined to have too many annoying or intrusive advertisements, like videos that autoplay with sound or interstitials that take up the entire screen.

Sridhar Ramaswamy, the executive in charge of Google’s ads, writes in a blog post that even ads “owned or served by Google” will be blocked on pages that don’t meet Chrome’s guidelines.