Windows to Kill File History

In a HORRIBLE move, Microsoft is setting up to kill File Version History on Windows 10. While I see their point on some issues (history and file versions are available for one machine - not multiple) I think having this option is still really key for some applications. OneDrive does some of this, but it requires another paid service in order to store enough data to be really useful. Also, OneDrive access is still not super simple from within Windows. If File History is your backup of choice, you'd better start planning for something else, as this update is already rolling out in an Insider Preview build.

File History is one part of a broader set of backup and recovery features that have been built into Windows for years. It can be configured to automatically backup your most important files to a separate hard drive or network location. But it’s better than a basic backup: File History also lets you retrieve earlier versions of a file, so that if you make a change to a document or other file, you can “go back in time” and return to any earlier versions.

Source: Thurrott