Linux Still Alive - Mint Reaches 18.2

While Linux is still primarily used for hobby computing and hardcore computer enthusiasts for some really nifty projects, Linux is still alive and well and being developed through a large community. In the past few years, hardware companies such as AMD, NVIDIA and others have really matured their driver support as the platform itself has matured to be much more user friendly. I still wouldn't put it on my mother in-laws computer as I know I'd have to be servicing it all the time, but still, it's come a long way. Linux Mint is one of those distributions that keeps things fresh and if you have a separate computer to play around with, it's worth checking out for a fun summer project.

Cinnamon Spices
You can add themes, applets, desklets and extensions to your Cinnamon desktop. These add-ons are known as "spices" and they are maintained by 3rd party artists and 3rd party developers.

Software Sources
Foreign packages are packages which are not provided by any repository or which version differs from the one provided in the repositories.
To make it easier to remove or to downgrade these packages, new "Select All" buttons were added in appropriate places within the "Software Sources" configuration tool.

Source: LinuxMint