Self-Charging Smart Watch Will Win the Wearable War

Smart watches have one thing in common - poor battery life (especially now that Pebble is gone), but if a company could pull off a solid smart watch that would charge itself via kinetic energy, solar and even thermal induction from the wearer, it could turn the world of wearables on it's head. I know that it would turn my head as it could solve a lot of my frustrations. I know I'm not alone in the world were our nifty wearables are in a draw because they are always dead when we want them. Here's hoping they call pull it off.

The biggest question surrounding a kinetic power source for a smartwatch is, of course, how long can it go with little or no movement before it’s dead? (And how long will it take to recharge at that point?) If kinetic energy sources were viable for smartwatches on a major scale you’d think a major company would’ve tried it by now. Either way, Sequent is giving it a shot.

Source: TheVerge