Living with Windows 10 S

Paul Thurrott is a Windows Blogger who is not always impressed with the way Microsoft does things, and even though he is quite platform loyal, he does tell things as they are. He has been using Windows 10 S since the middle of July and plans to use it until the middle of August. It's not going well. There are a lot of limitations to the platform and instability runs rampant. Compatibility is another huge drawback, but don't worry, you can pay Microsoft to upgrade. This, in my mind is the real reason to give Windows 10 S away, so people will get tired of it and buy a full license. That's a dangerous strategy.

First, here’s what I’m doing: In the grand tradition of “idiot blogger doing stupid stuff so you don’t have to,” I’m going to try and use Windows 10 S every single day between now and the middle of August, when I return from our annual home swap and move to Pennsylvania. Now, I’ve already used Windows 10 S, so I know what I’m in for. And it’s not pretty. So I’m going to bend the rules a little bit.

Source: Thurrott