Hollywood's Favorite Video-Editing App Has a Free Version

I am a fan of Adobe photo and video editing tools, but a free tool from Avid is worth looking at. In fact, Hollywood uses Avid Media Composer a lot and the free version is call Media Composer First. It has almost all of the main editing features of the paid version, but your output is limited to 1080p and the number of streams is limited as well. For basic home and YouTuber use, it's probably more than enough. Either way, you can try it out free, and if you don't like it, you can have your money back!

The new free version, Media Composer First, mirrors Avid's expensive software in most ways that count. "We've been showing Media Composer First to Hollywood film and TV editors, and they all asked the same question: 'What isn't in Media Composer First? This works just like my Media Composer,'" Avid's Matt Feury told No Film School.

Source: Engadget