Google Recognizes 119 Languages for Text-to-Speech

Google has come a long way with the "Google Now" text-to-speech function. They now support an astounding 119 languages including the latest - Armenian, Bengali, Lao, Sinhala, Sudanese, Nepali, Urdu, Tamil and more. They have been collecting speech samples from native language speakers for a long time and have put this all together with a little extra magic to make it seamless for users around the globe. I'm really only concerned with one, but am glad that Google is making great strides to cover the globe.

Google collected speech samples from native speakers saying common phrases for the update. “This process trained our machine learning models to understand the sounds and words of the new languages and to improve their accuracy when exposed to more examples over time,” the company said in a blog post. The dictation can be used for voice search and across Google’s suite of products including the translate app.

Source: TheVerge