Palm Smartphones in 2018?

Not sure how reliable the next rumor is, but there is talk that the Palm brand could be making a comeback in 2018. Some of you out there might remember the good old Palm Pilot which was one of the first smart devices out there and was hugely popular. Of course Palm was eventually bought out by HP, who then sold Palm OS to LG and the brand to TCL and for the most part has become a forgotten brand name. TCL is looking at bringing it back in 2018 but at this point its just talk and in an already crowded market I'm not giving it high hopes of being a game changer. SlashGear has the story.

A new Palm smartphone has been tipped to be coming in the year 2018, made by the folks at TCL. The Palm brand has been in limbo for the past half-decade, moving in and out of HP-connected devices then on into relative obscurity. The Palm operating system was acquired by LG and continues to be used (in some form or another) in LG smart TVs to this day – as such, it won’t be coming with the Palm phone set for next year.