Chrome Will Support Feature to Disable Autoplay Videos

Google Chrome is working on putting the finishing touches on a feature that has been a long time coming. Their latest feature will allow you to choose a setting that will disable autoplay video ads. I'm sure developers and advertisers will find a way around this very quickly, but I'm glad to see that Google understands how irritating it is to have junk playing the background on one of your open tabs. This features will be available soon in Chrome 63. This is one feature that I'm actually looking forward to.

Google Chrome is currently the most popular internet browser, beating the competition by quite a distance. Google consistently updates the software in order to add new features or to fix bugs. However, not all of the changes that are made to Chrome from time to time are favored by its users. One such feature is autoplay videos - videos that play autonomously, sometimes with sound enabled, regardless of whether you interact with them or not.

Source: Neowin