Does Apple slow down old devices?

Finally someone has confirmed my suspicions that there was something fishy about every time a new iPhone was released. Just about the time that a new iPhone comes out somehow older iPhones magically start running slower and everyone starts complaining. The folks over a Harvard has done a study and find it to be a little more than a coincidence (or just everyone trying to justify buying a new iPhone). More on this story can be found over at the Daily Mail and is worth a read.

A new study is backing up long held suspicions that Apple slows down older models of its iPhones to encourage users to buy a new release.

The U.S. study analysed worldwide searches for 'iPhone slow' and found that the search term spiked significantly around the time of new iPhone launch. 

It then compared those results with similar searches for the term 'Samsung Galaxy slow', and discovered the term was unaffected by new releases from Samsung.