Edge Doesn't Allow Crappy Extensions

One of the benefits of browsers from Mozilla or Google is that you can customize your experience and give your browser a lot more functionality due to extensions. I don't use that many extensions any more, but there are certainly some great and useful ones available. Microsoft's Edge, on the other hand, allows for extensions, but there aren't that many available. When asked why, Microsoft replied that it is because they only allow "high quality" extensions and most are garbage. I think it's more because Microsoft has a notorious closed ecosystem.

Microsoft has also explained that over the past year, it has focused more on improving the APIs, Bookmarks, and Native Messaging, rather than adding new extensions at breakneck speed. The company says that some Insider Preview builds also hamper with the functionalities of extensions, and as such, Microsoft carefully studies the data obtained through testing by Insiders in order to ensure the reliability of its extensions platform.

Source: Neowin