Windows 10 Gaining Ground on Windows 7

Microsoft had high hopes for Windows 10, but the uptake by consumers wasn't quite as fast or as steady as they'd hoped. Granted, the initial install-base was pretty rapid with the free upgrade offer, but since it has slowed. It's still been a nice steady climb, but it hasn't been groundbreaking or earth shaking. That being said, it appears as though Windows 10 could have more market share than Windows 7 by the end of this year. I know that doesn't matter a lot to most people, but it's still a nice milestone for the company that wants to simplify it's support and product cycle.

Extrapolating for the next three months with the same rate of increase, we may see Windows 10 occupy 43.59% of the Windows market share, while Windows 7 would have dropped down to 40.66% by the new year. Indeed, the rate of increase may, in fact, be larger than current figures in the month of October due to the release of the Fall Creators Update for Windows 10, which may prompt many users to upgrade from older versions of Windows for the added features and security.

Source: Neowin