Microsoft Edge Browser is Actually Very Decent

There has been a lot of work put into Microsoft's Edge browser as the older Internet Explorer was probably the worst browser of the big three. Microsoft has been working tirelessly on their latest browser from start to "it-will-never-be-finished" and this is a good thing. It's fast, secure and blocks more malware and phishing attempts than any browser out there. Of course, Microsoft also uses it to advertise to you within Windows as well. You upgraded for "free" and nothing is free.

According to NSS Labs of Austin, Tex., Edge automatically blocked 92% of all in-browser credential phishing attempts and stymied 100% of all SEM attacks. The latter encompassed a wide range of attacks, but their common characteristic was that they tried to trick users into downloading malicious code. The tactics that SEM attackers deploy include links from social media, such as Facebook and Twitter, and bogus in-browser notifications of computer infections or other problems.

Source: ComputerWorld